About Ankle Pain: What Are The Causes and Best Treatment Options

Ankle is a part of body which constitutes intricate network of muscles, ligaments, bones and tendons. Ankles should be strong enough to bear your body weight but they are prone to injuries and pain as well.

Ankle pain is a common foot compliant.  Not only adults, even young generation teenagers and kids in their early puberty are suffering from ankle pain now-a-days globally.

Ankle pain can occur on the inside or outside part of ankle or along the Achilles tendon. Mild ankle pain can be cured using home treatments but severe type of ankle pain should be immediately evaluated by doctor as it can sometimes indicate any serious problem in body.

Types of Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is generally divided into two categories i.e. Acute ankle pain, Chronic ankle pain.

Acute ankle pain is caused by injury or any trauma. Sprained ankle is the most widespread type of ankle injury. Athletes, runners and people who actively participate into sport activities are the worst victims of ankle sprains.

In this ailment, ankle gets twisted which causes big damage to ligaments, tissues surrounding ankle joints. It is undoubtedly a very painful condition but can get healed up easily within few weeks if sufferer takes good amount of rest.

Chronic ankle pain is an extensive type of foot complaint. You can feel this type either on the inside of ankle or outside part of ankle. The pain in inside part is known as medial ankle pain and pain on the outside part of ankle is called as lateral ankle pain.

Medial ankle pain occurs when stress is put over tendons and nerves present in the ankle region. It makes it difficult for sufferer to walk, run and perform any sporting activity. In certain cases of chronic ankle pain, pain radiates into arch of foot. Medial ankle pain results from overuse injury or too much exercising.

Lateral ankle pain is caused by solidity of soft tissues that surrounds the outside ankle. Poor foot usage or mechanics is the major reason for the occurrence of this painful foot ailment.

Causes of ankle pain

Ankle pain can affect you if there is any kind of injury in your bones, ligaments or tendons. Most of the times the pain occurs as a result of sprain which occurs when your ankle rolls over your foot leading to stretching or tearing of ankle ligament.

Sprains mainly affects those who are active in sports but at times they can even affect if you are walking on an uneven surface or simply taken a misstep.

The various causes of ankle pain include:

  1. Pseudogout
  2. Stress fractures
  3. Osteoarthritis
  4. Rheumatoid arthritis
  5. Sprains and strains
  6. Septic arthritis
  7. Sprained ankle
  8. Achilles tendinitis
  9. Avulsion fracture
  10. Broken ankle/ broken foot
  11. Achilles tendon rupture
  12. Gout

What are The Best Treatment Options for Ankle Pain?

Ankle pain treatment depends upon the cause of pain.  You should clearly evaluate the cause of your symptoms to begin your ankle pain treatment. Check out some common treatments for ankle pain listed below!

  • Rest: Give good rest to your ankle for treating pain associated with ankle. But if symptoms are severe, crutches may be helpful.
  • Ice and heat application: For reducing ankle pain, ice packs and heat pads can do wonders for anyone. But it is often hard to guess that which one suits you better and in which condition. For this, consult with doctor that either heat or ice application can give you relief from ankle pain.
  • Stretching:  Stretching ligaments, muscles and tendons surrounding joint helps wonderfully in curing ankle pain to certain extent.
  • Physical therapy: For curing all orthopedic conditions, physical therapy can be regarded as an important tool. Physical therapist makes use of different type of modalities for providing relief from pain, regaining mobility and for increasing strength. It magically helps patients to return to their pre-injury level of activity.
  •  Anti-inflammatory medications: NSAIDs also known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications are most commonly prescribed medications for treating ankle pain caused due to arthritis and tendinitis.

Treating Chronic Ankle Pain or Fracture Pain

If you are suffering from chronic ankle pain caused due to fracture, then first and foremost avoid putting too much weight on the affected foot. Place ice packs on it at small intervals throughout the day. This will help in elevating leg. Fix appointment with doctor as it might need surgery to get corrected.

If sprained ankle is causing tremendous pain, use RICE method to deal with it. Give good amount of rest and avoid engaging in any kind of physical activity.

Don’t forget icing ankle at intervals. Wrap ankle with some gauze aid to reduce swelling. Elevate foot so as to increase the flow of blood to ankle for quick recovery. Since it is not a very serious injury, it will heal easily with time.

As there are many causes of ankle pain, there are many treatments too for dealing them. You should explore different ankle pain treatments to get relief from the particular painful condition you may be dealing with.

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