5 Best Ankle Brace for Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Tumbling

Do you know that gymnastics and cheering sports leaders or teams have much in common? Astonishingly, this happens to be a fact.

The only basic difference remains in the sense of dressing between two types of performers which reflect the mood of the events that they represent.

Experts claim that although the style of dressing remains to be a differentiating factor between a gymnast and a cheer leader, each of the candidates look for enhancing overall performance or fuel the competition.

Although gymnastics is one of the greatest sport to perform and watch, it has been observed that many young athletes who have performed in the world of gymnastics had suffered from major injuries due to risky body postures.

The same applies to cheer leaders and for people involved in power tumbling, trampolining, acrobatic sporting and even dancing as well.

Medical practitioners, who have dealt with such injuries in the past, had acknowledged that such injuries can be of major harm towards human body and can even make the gymnast suffer for lifelong.

Below in this blog, we give you certain important information related to protection braces that can be used effectively for protecting the body parts.

These are must to have if you undertake too much of physical activity like in gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading or dancing.

Why You Need Braces For These Sports?

It is useful to note that, whether it’s a case of being a cheerleader or a gymnast, both the participants concerning an event need to get involved in lot of physical activities.

The type of energetic physical movements they make, actually makes them prone towards health hazards as well.

As a matter of fact, tumbling the whole body as a gymnast can put a lot of pressure across many body parts, which includes wrists, foot, back, knee, elbow, shoulders, neck, etc. And this constant pressure on different body parts generally results into injuries.

Medical practitioners who have specialized on treating injuries or trauma give lots of suggestions on handling such situations. Wearing protection or a supportive brace is one of them which can take care of your wrists, shoulders, foot and other body parts.

Remember that, severe injuries can cause a lot of pain and can restrict your movement. Therefore, doctors suggest that you take enough care of various body parts by wearing protection garments such as braces.

5 Types Of Gymnastic Braces You Need Most

If you are involved in tremendous physical activities, it is most likely that you will have pain or injury in your body.

Gymnastic braces are the type of protection garments which can be effectively used on various body parts to provide the maximum support. Below are some of the most common ones that should not be ignored…

1- Calf Sleeves

Calf sleeves are also frequently used by athletes to protect the calf muscles. Calf muscles support human legs and any kind of pain or strain to such muscles needs to be immediately taken care of.

Calf sleeves can be used by athletes even if there has been no injury as such. Doctors suggest that calf muscles remain to be vulnerable to sprains and injuries while undertaking rigorous physical activities. Therefore, it is always better if you can use calf sleeves in order to protect your calf muscles.

2- Elbow Brace

Like many other braces, elbow braces for gymnastics and cheerleading are not only useful for providing relief and protection but also to provide the necessary warmth on the injured part.

Wearing elbow brace or an elbow guard while sporting actually helps by promoting the healing process in case you are suffering from injured elbow. So do not forget to put this on.

3- Wrist Splint Or Wrap

The best thing to prevent wrist pain or a sprained wrist is to use a double wrist wrap brace. These devices are also referred to as wrist splints or wraps.

Wrist wraps for athletes offer the ultimate support to your wrist in case you have any sort of pain resulting from a heavy physical activity.

This kind of protection garment helps you to get rid of chronic wrist pain to a certain extent. At the same time, these wrist wraps also give you a sense of security as it allows restricted movement.

2- Knee Support And Brace

Knees are mostly vulnerable as it remains to be a joint structure and has surrounding muscle tissue, soft enough to be affected.

Knee braces for gymnastics and tumbling can keep the joint structure in place and allows comfortable movement of muscles.

Ideally suited for strains, swelling and inflammation, tendinitis and soreness, knee support and brace can actually provide real time support to the injured knee.

5- Ankle Brace Or Sleeve

Ankle braces for gymnastics and cheerleading protect your ankles effectively and are also in vogue for similar reasons.

These protective garments have a great demand for athletes or gymnasts and even for dancers.

Available widely, such protective measures are a mandate in case you have to undertake rigorous physical activities on a regular basis.

All of these Gymnastic braces are easily available in the local as well as online shops according to demands.

Several color options are also available in order to allow the user choose the best. Prices are comparative and within limits.

In case you are in search of best gymnastics foot support brace, check out some of the best options we have reviewed below.

Hopefully these will help in choosing the best suited one for your requirement…

5 Best Gymnastics Ankle Brace Reviews

Your ankle is one of the most vulnerable places to get injured in your body. As this is the body part which is at highest pressure, you need to tape it up properly for maximum safety.

Immediate swelling over the ankle joint region (sometimes over the complete lower leg) can be seen after the gymnastics, if you have not protected your foot properly.

As wrapping up your ankle with best foot support brace is highly essential, we have provided the best options below which you can buy online.

1- Tuli’s Cheetah Heel Protector with Fitted Ankle Support

Gymnastics cheetah ankle support is one of the best which gymnasts and ballet dancers count on. This USA made neoprene ankle brace provides the true compression and support to an athlete’s ankle, heel, and foot by preventing all type of rubbing or slipping.

With its dynamic combination of shock absorbing technology and comfortable reinforcement, this Cheetah brace needs no additional taping or strapping to protect and support your feet.

2- Techware Pro Ankle Brace And Compression Sleeve

TechWare Pro ankle brace and compression sleeve is another great option for all the sports including gymnastics.

With its combination of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, this gymnastics foot brace provides superior support and maximum comfort to the foot and ankle.

Available in three sizes:  SMALL / MEDIUM, LARGE / X-LARGE and XX-Large it’s a perfect unisex brace that fits best for you.

3- BraceAbility Elastic Ankle Brace and Foot Support Sleeve

BraceAbility’s gymnastics foot braces is another great one in our list which is best suited for gymnastics, dance, ballet, cheerleading, tumbling, yoga, pilates, exercise and sports.

This ankle support brace for gymnastics not only prevents and eases the ankle injury pain but also applies ideal compression on your foot for maximum comfort.

This low-profile design brace is made up of high quality latex-free elastic material which lasts for long. Simply slip down this sleeve while practicing your favorite sport and you are all protected.

4- Freestyle Sports Ankle support Brace with Adjustable Velcro Strapping

Freestyle Sports is yet another excellent ankle support for preventing sports injuries.

It comes with unique breathable neoprene wrap and adjustable high-grip velcro strapping which holds the brace perfectly in place while performing any kind of activities like gymnastics.

This is “one size fits all” athletics friendly ankle brace and its versatile design enables you to use it either in your left or a right foot.

This means you need not buy separate individual ankle brace for your left or right foot.

5- Neo G Juvenile Ankle Support Brace with Adjustable Compression

Gymnastics foot injuries are not only common among young adults but also among kids.

It is therefore essential to buy a high quality ankle support brace like the Neo-G brace, if your kid is into sporting activities like gymnastics, cheer-leading, tumbling, etc.

This medically engineered brace works best for providing the necessary support to the kids’ feet thereby decreasing the chances of getting their ankle/feet injured.

It is registered internationally as a Class 1 Medical Device and is one size fits all brace which is equally suitable for girls and boys. Its adjustable compression system ensures proper blood flow through the feet.