Foot and Ankle Pain in Children

It is disheartening to reveal that foot and ankle pain in children can make them awake all night long. In extreme cases, it can cause one to limp or toe-walk.

There are number of factors that causes foot and ankle pain in children. Some of such factors disappear on its own while other require medical treatment.

Kids ankle pain usually affects children at night time. But it can get easily subsided by massage or rubbing.

Application of ice or heating pads and non-steroidal inflammatory drugs such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen helps wonderfully in getting relief from this painful condition.

The American academy of pediatrics advises people to seek immediate medical advice if your child is experiencing persistent pain and swelling during day time along with redness and tenderness in joint.

This joint pain may be associated with weakness, unusual tiredness, limping or an injury.

Ankle Pain In Kids: What Are The Causes and Treatment Options?

Adolescents who are actively involved in athletic activities suffer from stress fractures which are one of the most common reasons for pain in ankle for kids.

This condition can be easily diagnosed as the sufferer experiences tremendous pain following injury. The affected area also shows signs of swelling and redness.

Sever’s disease is common reason for heel pain in children falling under the age group of 8-12 years. When children get involved into weight bearing activities, heel tendons may put pressure over back of your heels resultantly injuring them.

For treating this condition, refrain yourself totally from the activity that results in an injury. Even application of ice packs over the heels for few weeks helps in curing this painful condition.

Infections of bone or joints which results into blood borne infections too causes foot and ankle pain along with swelling, redness and limited joint movement. Keep in mind that such types of infections are very dangerous and requires immediate medical help.

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic condition which results into chronic ankle pain in children, burning sensation, swelling, sweating. When this injury starts to heal, the pain gets worsen up instead of subsiding. CRPS basically affects foot or hand area and then gets spread to leg or arm region of body.

Researchers have not yet able to determine the exact cause of CRPS. Some believe that the condition takes place due to sensitive nervous system which plays a key role in sustaining pain while others feel that it is the outcome of immune response.

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