Importance Of Taping An Ankle For Athletes And How To Do It?

According to National Athletic Trainer’s Association most of the ankle injuries happen to the students who are engaged in different sports like basketball, soccer and volleyball.

It is therefore essential to take necessary measures to protect the ankle from getting possible injuries. Although all these students perform preventive ankle strengthening exercises, taping an ankle can be more than beneficial and can help protect their ankle by giving additional support.

Effectiveness of Ankle Taping

Taping The Ankle For Athletes

Taping of an ankle is a normal practice in most colleges, these days, and in high schools as well. Benefits of taping an ankle are many and some of these are:

  • Lessen hardness of injury to the ligament
  • Decrease recurrence of injury by as much as 75%
  • Provide the most support while limiting backward bending

Ankle taping is done in a manner so it can fight a specific motion to prevent the injury.

For this, it is always recommended that you get taped your ankle with the help of a professional. However it is essential to learn all the basic ankle taping techniques, in case if you want to tape your own ankle without any professional help.

Sometime even when the ankle taping is done properly, it may lose support due to the aggressive moves throughout the sports practice. Besides this, perspiration can also reduce the effectiveness of ankle tape. So, a strong ankle taping job has to be done with the help of a knowledgeable person.

Therefore it is highly essential that the person who is putting the tape on your ankle, should have good experience and knowledge about the stuff. The quality of the tape is also very important factor to consider. You should not insist on a low quality ankle tape and risk your ankle health.

How to Tape An Ankle for Support?

It has been often seen that different trainers apply the ankle tape in different styles as per their experience and knowledge. Yet, the basic function of ankle taping is to decrease the ankle sprain occurrence during the sport while providing the best support.

The way of taping an athletic ankle thus plays a great role in avoiding the ankle pain  for athletes. Few important methods that are being used for taping an ankle include:

Basket weave: This is the first method which involves applying of the tape from the inside portion of the lower leg, covering around the bottom of the foot and finishing on the external portion of the lower leg. A strip is put from the external part of the foot, above the Achilles tendon and finished inside the foot. The process is repeated and slowly begins from the first place 2-3 times. Finally, it will look like a woven basket.

Heel Lock: This process begins on the top of the foot, covers the bottom and finishes at the side of the leg and get back to the top of the foot to lock the heel in place. This will be repeated one or two times.

Figure-of-eight: It begins above the foot and wraps the foot and lower leg to enhance stability to the joint. This is one of the most popularly used method for ankle taping. Studies reveal that around 3 Figure-of-eight wraps can decrease the occurrence of ankle sprains.

People think that ankle braces are made up of more rigid material than as compared to ankle tapes and so, these are more effective than taping. But the truth is, braces can also lose support while sporting. Thus using ankle brace does not prove much beneficial in few of the cases.

KT Tape for ankle is one of the best ankle tapes which trainers trust and use. You may use it for avoiding ankle injuries and sprain. It may work better than ankle braces!

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