Yoga for Ankle Muscle Strengthening and Other Health Benefits

Yoga has been around for over 2,000 years. The practice originated in India, and was nothing like it is today. Today, yoga is very physical, while in India it started off as sitting and a couple stretches.

Yoga is continuously talked about, especially the benefits it has on your health, including everything from lowering our stress levels, muscle strengthening, balancing hormones, lengthening and reprogramming our spine, and focusing our minds.

It is attracting more and more people (or should we say students) than ever before and is used to prepare the body and clear the mind before meditation.

yoga for athletes

There are many benefits of yoga. The main benefits, like any meditation practice, are controlled breathing, focused mind, and a wide range of postures which lengthen and stretch the body. When the body is lengthened in these ways, it unblocks the blocks, creating more space for the energy to flow freely.

When our energy is freed our emotions are allowed to release and do not stay stagnant. The setting of yoga is also less intimidating and noisy than at a local gym.

Just like there are many different strains of apples, there are many different styles of yoga. If you are a beginner it is recommended to try the slower, gentler classes and then work your way up. Such classes are hatha, yin, and restorative.

Once you feel okay in this environment and you check in with your body, you can try hot hatha classes, flow classes and beginner power. If you are still looking for a greater challenged, try some of the faster paced classes like ashtanga yoga.

Yoga and exercises for strengthening ankle help prevent future injuries caused due to accidents to ankles. These exercises are intended to strengthen the injured ankle, and allow it to fully maneuver; at the same time exercises make your ankles stronger so that future accidents are met with better immunity.

Range-of-motion ankle pain treatment exercises allow increasing the flexibility of the tendons that are slightly injured or torn. Besides this, yoga and stretching exercises should only be taken up when the ankle pain has completely subsided, not doing so would only make things worse.

It’s important to commit to yoga and reserve time in your week to practice. You will definitely feel the results if you stay with your practice. It also may give you a sense of accomplishment and self-love because you are doing something special and healthy for your body.