Causes of Ankle Bone Pain and Tips for How To Prevent It

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Experiencing ankle bone pain is a common issue for many.

Although the ankle joint is strong enough and designed for greater mobility, it is also a higher chance of getting injuries due to instability, imbalance fall, or any other similar issues.

It has been seen that in most cases, the outer side or lateral part of the ankle is highly susceptible to getting injuries and hence pain.

This is due to the skeletal design of the foot. In many cases, inner ankle bone pain or injury is also seen. However, it is very less common.

Ankle bone pain (whether inner or outer) should be of greater concern, especially if you have been hit by any type of injury.

And to get the proper diagnosis, reasons for pain, and treatment, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

Causes of Pain In Ankle Bone

Ankle bone pain can generally occur due to varied reasons.

However, in most cases, it mainly occurs due to a stress fracture, osteoarthritis, severe sprain, rheumatoid arthritis, a broken bone, infected joint, gout, and rheumatic fever.

Causes of Ankle Pain

The detailed descriptions of each of the factors are mentioned below- have a look!

1- Arthritis:

Do you know that several forms of arthritis can lead to pain in outer ankle bone? Wearing down of ankle cartilage is known as osteoarthritis.

It is famous with the name of degenerative joint disease. In rheumatoid arthritis, a person suffers from chronic inflammation and pain in most of the joints.

Gout is an autoimmune disease and is a form of arthritis ailment which occurs due to high levels of uric acid in joint.

Dealing with different forms of arthritis, anti-inflammatory, and prescription medicines can do great help.

2- Broken bone:

Outer as well as inner ankle bone pain is also due to the broken or fractured bone.

Even a stress fracture is the cause which can even be a hairline fracture and can be diagnosed by X-ray. One can walk with this condition but can feel utter pain.

If you are suffering from broken ankle pain, avoid putting any weight over it. One should also avoid walking with it. Get it diagnosed with X-ray and apply ice packs to deal with it.

3- Severe sprain:

Ankle bone pain may also occur due to severe sprain. It may be accompanied by swelling and bruising but one can walk with it.

For treating this condition, place ice on it and wrap it with an ace bandage to prevent the swelling to aggravate.

4- Infected joint:

An infected joint accompanied by fever and swelling can lead to ankle bone pain conditions.

If more than 1 joint is swollen, it could result in the development of rheumatic fever in a person. In such a case, one should contact the doctor immediately to get proper treatment for it.

How To Prevent Pain On Ankle Bone?

For preventing ankle bone pain after running, stretch muscles in your leg and ankle before starting your running session. This will increase flexibility and reduces the chances of injury.

Performing warming up exercises before starting your fitness program also helps a great deal in dealing with ankle bone pain in an effective way.

Wearing shoes offering great support, shock absorption, and cushioning should be used.

If you are already suffering from ankle sprains or injuries, use high-quality ankle brace or bandage to get enough support and deal with a chronic ankle pain condition.

Take proper rest if you are suffering from pain in ankle bone due to sprains or overuse of your muscles. This will relax the muscles and will help in dealing with the pain better.

Also losing weight for reducing the amount of stress that is put on ankles can effectively help in dealing with this painful condition.

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