How Sports Massage Helps to Treat All Your Common Sports Injury?

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Are you passionate about sports and enjoy playing it on a regular basis, then you may not be new to the term sports injury?

It is common in almost every individual who loves the sport.

A simple sprain to a knee injury, all of this falls under the category of sports injury.

The most common kind of sports injuries are as follows:

  • Ankle Sprain
  • Knee Injury
  • Hamstring Strain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Shin Splints

Why Ankle Massage?

The most common and widely practiced method to treat your sports injury is to pamper you with a sports massage.

Unlike traditional massage techniques, sports massage varies in its style and usage.

It is given after completely understanding your anatomy, physiology, and the demand it needs on your body.

The principle behind a sports massage is to make yourself capable of returning to your old sport with more flexibility and interest.

Hence, a sports massage usually target muscle groups even more deeply.

These days sports massage is used as a pre-event preparation targeting higher levels of performance during training sessions or after an event.

Many athletes have agreed on the fact that an effective sports massage can help them with

  • Improved Flexibility
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Improved Endurance
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Gain Strength to Exhibit Optimal Performance

It is never advisable to just spring out of your bed and football. You will only end up injuring yourself.

In case you have not played any sport for a long time then it is advisable that you practice the game for a while before going ahead with showing off your skills.

It is always advisable to work out every day or practice the game on a daily basis for an hour or two so as to make yourself skilled for your weekend game.

This will not only make you strong with the game but also provide you with health benefits.

How to Massage Ankle Pain?

Massaging your sore ankle yourself can be done in 3 easy ways, you can choose the one that is most suited for you.

Heat or Ice Pack:

Heat and ice pack for pain relief helps in getting the benefits of massage at your home.

Although it does not feel like a real massage it can help relieve your body pain and ankle hurting by providing the benefits in a similar way.

You just need to ensure the type of pain you have and use the proper ice or heat therapy for relieving painful symptoms.

Shiatsu Massage and Self Massaging Tools:

Shiatsu massage is one great effective way by which you can ease all your body and muscle pain in much lesser time.

There are many effective shiatsu massagers and massaging tools which help in relieving your body pain in the most natural way.

Essential Oils, Gel or Balm:

An effective massage using a premium pain-relieving essential oil also has the ability to energize your body, making you active and fatigue-free.

You can buy the best essential oil for pain relief and prepare it at home using the carrier oil for getting an effective massage.

Also, there are other pains relieving gels and medications such as balms available in the market which can be used for getting an effective pain-relieving massage.

Although these massaging techniques can be tried out yourself, you may get the help of your partner (or anyone else) to perform it effectively without any risk.

Therapist Based on Ankle Massage Techniques

An effective sports massage is different from any other kind of massage therapy.

In this, an expert therapist needs to have proper skills in performing the same.

A single mistake from the side of the therapist may risk your entire life.

The techniques of sports massage follow three simple principles as timing, technique, and intent.

Timing is referred to as the period during which massage treatment is taken.

Usually, the timing can be any of the following: pre-event or post-event, recovery or maintenance period, or during the rehabilitation stage.

Depending on the timing you need to decide what kind of sports massage technique is to be employed.

The technique is referred to as the kind of application employed; and this can vary from a number of choices such as friction, vibration, shaking, compression, or broadening among others.

Although sports massage employs various techniques to offer maximum benefits, they are aimed at providing only one activity to return you to your favorite sport effectively.

Some of the sports massage techniques are as follows:

  • Remedial Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Cross Fibre Techniques
  • Deep Tissue Work

The intent is the ultimate reason for which you wish to undergo a sports massage.

This may be due to many reasons such as increased blood flow, stimulating neurological paths, aid recovery from any kind of exertion or injury, and improve flexibility, strength, or posture.

The ultimate aim of sports massage is to make your body flexible and protect the same from any kind of injury.

Sports massage will help your body tough and your chances of injuries are comparatively less.

When it comes to sports massage after an event, then it is aimed to help you recover soon from a muscle or ligament tear. Your relaxation and recovery period tends to be normal and comforting.

But the most important criterion that needs your attention is the careful selection of massage therapists.

Not every therapist in town is skilled enough to provide you with a sports massage. Being a sports massage therapist requires him to gain all skill sets associated with massage.

Before you go ahead with employing a therapist make sure that you have thoroughly checked his certifications and license details.

You can take sports massage therapy once or twice a week depending on your love and effort involved. Make sure to consult a therapist who is skilled and affordable at the same time.