5 Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball Players

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Ankle injuries can put an end temporarily to your sporting activities. Especially volleyball players on the court, they need to jump and land on the floor continuously.

This can cause high pressure on their foot and ankle for a long.

Also, it has been seen that once you hurt your ankle, you are probably to get it injured again, even with the slightest twist.

Walking can become difficult when you get injured, so how can you think about running or jumping with an injured foot!

Therefore, it is advised to prevent an injury before it occurs, particularly if you are into performing strenuous sports and activities like volleyball.

Studies evident that wearing ankle braces while playing volleyball reduces the possibility of re-injury.

Wearing an ankle brace also works in providing good ankle rehabilitation after getting sprained your ankle in a volleyball academy.

And this is the reason athletes are most of the time recommended to wear their ankle braces when the swelling is down after an injury.

5 Best Ankle Braces for Volleyball Players

The idea of ankle bracing has evolved from ankle taping. Today many volleyball players are using ankle braces instead of typical taping due to the benefits it offers (like its self-applicable, re-adjustable and reusable).

Volleyball ankle brace and shoes not only help to prevent future ankle injuries but also to heal them faster after a sprain.

Below we list down some of the best ankle brace for volleyball players which can surely help you in playing better.

Check them out and pick the right one based on your needs.

1- Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace in large size is all-season wear that comes with a lightweight to experience amazing performance while playing.

Being designed with custom-fit technology this lace-up ankle brace for volleyball utilizes body heat to create a perfect fitting to the ankle for extra comfort.

In fact, this is one of the best lace-up ankle braces for volleyball which is the favorite for volleyball players (athletes and other sportspeople) to wear and perform with confidence.

Its hinged cuff pattern lets the person perform a full range of motion and enjoy a long-lasting ankle performance and fine support.

Luckily, This Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace for volleyball players fits any side ankle, left or right, and helps in ankle instabilities.

Some of the best features of this ankle guard include:

  • It helps to prevent pain and ankle injuries during tough activities and tasks
  • Ideal for the athletes who perform with a high risk of ankle injuries like soccer Lacrosse, Basketball, Field Hockey, Volleyball, and other sports.
  • Prevents injuries without restricting your performance in sports.
  • Universal for right and left ankle
  • Forms to the ankle for enhanced protection and comfort.
  • Helps to continue the game without any break in the middle of the time.

2- Mizuno Volleyball Ankle Brace

This Mizuno DXS2 Right Ankle Brace is a perfect choice with a D.F. CUT feature, as it provides good movement and freedom to perform any task.

The support and stability to your ankle are provided by three various belts that are available under-heel, in V-shaped, and in an anchored wrap design. Besides this, its optional side support slots offer high lateral stability.

If you are a serious basketball or volleyball player then this is the best volleyball ankle brace for advanced protection and top performance and proves the best skills.

The provided DXS2 ankle feature is nothing but an improvement to the supporting belt by attaching it for superior “figure 8” firmness and ease to use. The best features of this ankle protector brace include:

  • Available in Nylon, polyester, and Rubber material
  • Measure the circumference of the ankle or 1 inch above the ankle bone
  • Available with D.F cut for free movements
  • Has optional side support for lateral stability
  • Can choose from small, medium, and large inch
  • Offers deodorizing and antibacterial role and freshness

3- Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace by Cramer

This lightweight Active injured protection sprain supporter helps to protect the injured and weak ankles and prevent rollover injuries.

The present hinged feature in these Active ankle braces allows the user to perform full mobility which is best and ideal for basketball, beach volleyball, football, and other sporting activities.

Being proved as the best ankle brace for volleyball, it fits in any shoe and lets you feel comfortable without any uneasiness or irritating feel. Best features include:

  • The semi-rigid and padded shells help to protect from aversion or inversion sprains
  • Available with a single strap with a hook and a loop that acts like fasteners while wearing and removing it.
  • The pivot points permit free to move and ankle flexibility.
  • Light in weight and comfortable and extremely fits in any size and style of shoe.
  • Suitable for the left or right ankle.
  • The Anatomical bilateral hinge permits up and down motion of the foot which makes it perfect for strains and sprains
  • Less bulky and sleek features with custom molded EVA padding soothes your ankle with comfort.

4- Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve

Kunto Fitness Compression Athletics Recovery ankle braces are the right choice to feel free from the joint pains that happen due to everyday tasks and activities.

It is often observed that the ankle joints suffer pain due to age, extreme activities, and injuries and require comfort through a specialized ankle brace which is stretchable and of superior protection with continuous use.

You have an Ankle brace for volleyball to pick, wear and feel relaxed beyond your expectations. Best features include:

  • Applies pressure across the ankle joint and gives relief from a range of ailments, including ankle pain, muscle fatigue, and sprains.
  • Proved to be great for activities like golf, volleyball, Cross fit, Baseball, Hiking, running, and other sports.
  • It helps to enjoy brilliant ankle support while letting you maintain peak performance with a complete range of leg motion in every sport.
  • Manufactured to present outstanding comfort, support, and relief during every movement.
  • Fits perfectly without any slip factor and provides 100% satisfaction.
  • It is available in large, medium, and small sizes to choose your true size

5- Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer A2-DX for Men and Women

The Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer is designed for any sort of athlete who desires to maintain protection from injury or protect the injured ankle without any weight on it.

Available in black and white colors this rigid and best ankle brace for volleyball helps to present maximum performance in the sport while feeling protected from injuries as well. Some of the best features of this protector brace include:

  • It features a long-lasting and quick-fitting single strap that is adjustable for low-top and high-top shoes
  • Available with feather-light EVA padding, which embraces the contour of the ankle
  • It is sleek and less bulky and offers the perfect protection for outstanding performance in sports.
  • Has single strap adjustments and is the most popular ankle brace for energetic and passionate players and coaches.
  • It is considered the most popular and best ankle brace volleyball used at every level of the game worldwide.
  • Suitable for men and women as per the shoe size

Why Use A Brace for Volleyball Ankle Injury?

Sports like Volleyball (Aquatic volleyball, Soft volleyball, Shooting volleyball, Beach volleyball, Sitting volleyball) involve continuous jumping and landing on foot.

And getting an ankle or foot sprained is one of the worst volleyball injuries that a player may face. Not getting them treated on time can even cause severe problems like peroneal tendon injuries and fractures due to the weak ankle.

A few other injuries that a player can suffer from are heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendonitis, sesamoiditis, stress fractures, posterior tibial tendonitis (or PTTD), etc.

These volleyball injuries are often caused due to the action like repetitive jumping and side-to-side movements that are most required during the play.

To prevent these types of volleyball injuries strengthening exercises in addition to wearing a premium quality volleyball ankle brace is often recommended.

Just in case you are suffering from ankle sprains, your foot should be carefully evaluated by a foot or an ankle surgeon to determine how severe the injury is.

Based on the evaluation your doctor may recommend the best treatment plan.

Pros And Cons Of Ankle Braces For Volleyball

Do you know that more than 15 percent of sportsmen suffer from injuries related to the ankle every year?

Therefore sports like volleyball, basketball, football, etc. have to be played after wearing ankle braces, both during practice and on the game day.

These games are more prone to cause injuries to players like rolling an ankle or even ankle fracture. Wearing the best ankle brace can help a lot in preventing these types of injuries.

Although an ankle brace for volleyball proves to be advantageous, it can turn detrimental when not used with care.

In this case, you may now have a question in mind; should volleyball players wear ankle braces or not AND whether it is really a good option for them?

✓ Well, most of the podiatrists suggest that wearing a volleyball ankle brace can be good in many conditions if you had a sprain before.

However, you are not recommended to use them for too long as it can cause the sprained ligaments and tissues to get weakened which can cause further injuries.

✓ It’s best to take off your brace from time to time and use it only when you are sporting or when much needed.

Especially, if you see increased signs of redness or swelling you should stop using them immediately.

✓ If the pain after the sprain in your ankle does not seem to go off after a week or two, of wearing the brace, you should consult your doctor before you continue to wear it again.

Also, take special care that you do not get involved in activities that require lifting excessive weights or which causes excessive pressure on your foot.

✓ Using a brace while playing a beach volleyball game may get things easier for you, but it’s always better to heal the sprain or injury completely before you live like normal.

Trying ankle strengthening exercises on a regular basis is often recommended which can help to manage or heal the sprain at a faster pace.

Types of Ankle Brace for Volleyball And Buying Tips

Generally, there are two types of ankle brace available for volleyball players. These are:

Non-rigid ankle braces: This type is similar to nylon lace-up socks or a thick canvas and some of this type is made of neoprene.

By adding some compression to the ankle, non-rigid model braces help in injury prophylaxis and provide little medical stability to the ankle.

Semi-rigid ankle braces: This resembles the non-rigid model but has the added feature of air cushions or molded plastic struts, which are integrated into the medial and lateral areas of the brace.

This is similar to the stirrups orientation employed in ankle taping. Most athletes use semi-rigid braces during the recovery stages of an ankle injury.

This type of ankle brace is more popular among beach volleyball players as it offers increased stability that helps forbid ankle injury.

Both of these kinds of ankle brace for volleyball academy use fabric straps to simulate heel locks and to provide maximum comfort and balance while sporting.

Besides the above two types, there are other braces such as lace-up and stir-up types. However, these are less common among indoor volleyball players.

Buying The Best Ankle Brace Online

Based on your requirement and problem you should get the best ankle brace that is right for you. Do visit your doctor/podiatrist for knowing in detail which ankle brace will be most helpful in your case.

You can find many sports goods stores in your locality to buy a pair. However, you should make a careful comparison of price, quality, after-sales services, etc. while buying one.

Online stores such as Amazon makes your shopping more convenient and relaxed. Here you can buy the best ankle brace for volleyball from the comfort of your home without wasting your time and money.

So why not buy a suitable pair of ankle brace online and prevent any further injury to your ankle while enjoying your favorite sport.

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