Reflexology: How This Touch Therapy Helps Foot and Ankle Pain?

Reflexology is one of the ancient forms of healing diseases by using touch therapy. It is a technique of using different fingers to specific pressure points on the feet.

According to reflexology professionals there are about 12 specific points on the feet where the pressure can be applied to relieve different ailments.

Although this therapy works naturally and helps get the relief, it is seen that these holistic health treatment provide temporary relief in most of the cases.

You can learn reflexology by attending the reflexology courses. The course study begins with the history of reflexology, what is reflexology, the specific division of the feet and also the areas of the body parts, the reactions to reflexology, the basic techniques, the treatment style, the different procedure and the most important is the study of the foot structure and the palm.

Reflexology for Foot and Ankle Pain: A Healing Touch Therapy

reflexology therapy

Reflexology therapist study patients thoroughly, identify the points that need more attention and treatment.

A rough idea of the treatment time can be suggested but not a final verdict because it depends on the ailment of the patient and the response to the therapy.

The very process of reflexology for foot and ankle pain works well on ankle pain also. Ankle pain is caused due to arthritis. In some cases it may appear due to improper blood circulation in the lower part of the body. There are certain pressure points that can be applied to treat the ankle pain naturally. These are as follows:

Hollow Pressure Point: This pressure point helps in relieving pain in ankles, sciatic pain, joint pain and related swelling. This pressure point is situated in the inner part of the bone of ankles. Upon applying the pressure the patient must relax for around 30 seconds in between. The said process must be repeated for long 8 minutes in 30 seconds duration.

Illuminated Sea: The said pressure point is present beneath the ankle area. It is specifically suited for treating swollen ankles and related stiffness that causes unbearable pain in the ankles. Pressure is applied with both the thumbs and at the same time. It is recommended to continue this practice for around 2 minutes on a daily basis for better relief.

High Mountains: It is beneficial pressure point technique to remove ankle pain. This pressure point is applied on the outer ankle area. It is applied for around 5 minutes and consecutive gap for 30 seconds in between. It is recommended to practice every night for maximum benefits. It can be repeated 2-3 times day for better results. By applying pressure on this point will relieve muscles from extreme pain situations. It alleviates pain by improving blood flow in the body.

Calm Sleep: This pressure point is applied to treat ankle pain and other foot pains. One can hold the pressure point with the index finger and apply pressure in circular points. It is quite an effective technique and gives results in a few weeks.

Health Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a process that applies pressure in different pressure points in body. Usually the left foot points to the left side and all the organs located by the side. The right foot is for the right side and the respective organs located there. There are certain benefits that reflexology massage eventually gives:

  • It helps in alleviating pain in foot, hands and eyes.
  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety to a great extent as these are sole reasons for all sorts of health complexities in human beings.
  • It removes the blockage of energy in the path of the organs in the body and thereby resumes normal functioning of them.
  • It improves the blood circulation in the body and keeps the vital organs like heart, kidney and liver fit and fine.
  • Through different pressure points in respective right and left side of the body it is possible to control functioning of the organs and glands in body.
  • It works well in removing muscle fatigue as without which body cannot stand in a proper posture.
  • It is helpful in treating insomnia, arthritis, hormonal imbalances, headaches, digestive disorders, back pain and sports injuries.

Foot Pain Reflexology Chart

The Reflexology map shows the points of the hand and the foot. You can get an idea as to how these different points are uniquely associated to the human anatomy system and how the technique works by only using different fingers at specific points.

Minute study of the reflexology map can make a person learn the procedure. Studying the map and the different pressure points you can try out on your own.

Reflexology for foot pain chart plays the vital role as far as the working of reflexology is concerned. You will get the detailed diagram here in the chart. In the chart the foot and is drawn with markings on it. You get to know the details from the chart which pressure point works on which parts of the body. The uniqueness of this reflexology has helped many to overcome their ailments.

You can use the foot pain reflexology chart and start a business of your own. You get the charts in different parts. There are hand charts and foot charts. The different portion has different colors. It is to help you to study appropriately. The reflexology chart is very important when you are studying reflexology.

Reflexology (Quick Study Academic Outline)

You will find lot of information on the web, magazines and books floating around as people seem to be interested in knowing and practicing the therapy for stress relief.

Reflexology (Quick Study Academic Outline) is one of those informative charts that have prospered lately for providing in-depth knowledge about the reflexology and stating its benefits. It clearly identifies the health benefits of practicing reflexology. The chart offers in detail information about how illness is caused due to the blockages in the meridians or the energy channels.

All the pressure points of the hands and feet are clearly illustrated. These are highlighted, color coded and mapped from multiple views. This chart clearly explains all the pressure points through beautiful illustrated diagrams which are concisely labeled for easy identification. All the Illustrations are given by award-winning medical illustrator Vince Perez.

Chart includes detailed diagrams of:

  • plantar foot
  • lateral foot
  • palmar hand
  • lateral hand
  • dorsal hand
  • medial hand
  • dorsal foot
  • medial foot

This is an accurate chart which is quite useful for professional Massage Therapist, Reflexologist as well as for students.

For the small price this is a great to have help. You will get the laminated poster/chart when you order it through Amazon. This chart proves useful for patients who want to get the self-help and treat themselves by some DIY procedures. One can easily heal various aches and pains in body by using this chart at home.

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