Ankle Foot Orthosis: A Short Glimpse

The ankle foot orthosis is a new development in the medical field to safeguard the ankle joint from getting further damage. The major objective of ankle foot orthosis is to protect the ankle joint by keeping it in proper position. This is mainly manufactured for helping the people who are having weak ankle joint or got any problem with the ankle joint.

Basically the ankle foot orthosis is made up of silicon plastic which creates total contact with the ankle joint starting from the lower limb till the foot area covering the ankle joint.

In simple terms, this is basically a plastic brace which is worn on the lower leg and foot so that the ankle joint can be supported and protected.

This helps in holding the foot and ankle in the correct position. It is some times also called as foot drop brace and is abbreviated as AFO.

After proper incorporation of the silicon ankle foot orthosis the person can feel a tight grip holding down the anterior surface of the leg which passes further down to the dorsum of the foot. Thereby it helps in lifting the foot from above instead of pushing it from underneath which the traditional orthosis will do.

The conditions in which the ankle foot orthosis or simply orthotics is highly indicated and even recommended by most of the orthopedics are as follows:

  • Poliomyelitis,
  • Sciatic nerve compression or trauma,
  • Peroneal nerve compression or trauma,
  • Peripheral neuritis or neuropathies,
  • Spinal injuries mainly in case of incomplete spinal injuries,
  • Hemiplegia,
  • Diplegia,
  • Paraplegia,
  • Stroke,
  • Multiple sclerosis,
  • Ankle joint ligament injury,
  • Severe form of Achilles tendonitis,
  • A severe form of calcaneal spurs, etc.

Major Benefits and Purpose of Using Ankle Foot Orthosis

After using ankle foot orthosis most of the people commented that it suits best for them and it also helped a lot in reducing their problems. Basically the ankle foot orthosis helps in the following ways:

  • It helps in replication and restoration of the normal and natural foot movements and action
  • It supports the ankle joint and gives good alignment
  • Along with proper assistive and resistive movements, the ankle foot orthosis helps in reducing the spasticity of the ankle joint and foot mainly in cases of paralysis conditions.
  • Wearing the ankle foot orthosis for foot drop helps in reducing the pressure sores mainly in case of paraplegia and stroke patients where certain parts of the foot will be having pressure areas
  • The ankle foot orthosis fits tightly with the leg and thus you can easily use it along with your regular foot wear. For the people who don’t want to use both ankle foot orthosis and footwear together can only wear the orthosis.
  • The knee ankle foot orthosis is manufactured with long lasting silicon material and thus it is very easy to maintain
  • You can wear the ankle foot orthosis even during your regular activities like showering, bathing, swimming, etc. It won’t create any problem like damage or tearing of the orthosis.
  • Ankle foot orthosis’s cost is very low and thus it is an easily affordable material which anyone can easily purchase and make use of it effectively.

Based on the material used and requirement of the people, there can be many ankle foot orthosis types. In case of any assistance about which one suits you best, you can get suggestion from a good orthopedician or general physician for using the ankle foot orthosis.