Best Cane For Walking Support And Balancing (Tips And Buying Guide)

Life is uncertain and can turn into dependency when one tends to age, grow old or at time of injures.

With the age, people experiences several health problems and often falls prey to conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s, joint problems, ankle injuries, etc.

Not just senior citizens, but people who have met with some serious accidental injuries – experiencing weakness and have become dependent when walking – are in need of a helping hand.

Walking Cane can prove to be a best aiding help to such health problems and conditions.

If you are buying a walking cane online for someone who is old and need support to walk or balance OR for one who is recovering from an injury; you may also come across terms like walking sticks and crutches.

And with so many options out there, it becomes one of the most common confusions that people are unable to figure out.

If you are really confused about which one to buy for your loved ones or for your personal use, read on to determine and to get the most suitable one so that you can seek maximum benefits out of it…

Walking Cane Vs Walking Stick

Walking cane and Walking stick may sound to be very much similar phrases; but they are actually not. Rather, walking cane and walking stick are 2 different products offering different functionalities.

Walking canes are basically designed to help support the balance. People who need support while walking; require something more stable to shift their weight. Hence walking cane seems to be a handy aid in such circumstances.

Now a day; you’ll come across several types of orthopedic walking canes which are specifically designed for people suffering from certain injuries as well as old age individuals who need appropriate support when walking.

These orthopedic canes are much in demand because they offer exclusive safety, and come equipped with shock absorption ensuring better grip and stability to the user.

On the other hand, walking sticks are majorly fashion items. They are more of a fashion accessory offering any major comforting help to the user. Made out of variety of mix of materials, they have different shaped handles. However these sticks are not comfortable for those who are seeking something very sturdy and reliable to walk.

Using walking sticks in the long run, people have witnessed pain and discomfort in the hands. Hence; it is important to know which product you basically are looking for and what is the purpose as both products are different and has its own functionalities to offer to the users.

Walking Cane Vs Crutches

It’s tough to make a choice between crutches and a walking cane. As both of them have unique features and provide varied benefits to the individual.

Crutches like we have seen are designed to reduce the weight on extremity. These are mobility products which relatively helps the user to manage their mobility independently.

When using crutches; one requires putting a good amount of strength and balance when being mobile. Doctors’ prescribes specific crutches depending on the injury, age as well as looking at the physical condition of the person.

People with thin structure find it easy and comfortable using crutches as they are less tiring and mobile.

Of all the mobility aids, walking cane is the easiest and less cumbersome to use. Because it’s a multi-purpose thing, from age old person to an injured one; walking cane makes it easy to become mobile.

Depending on the individual’s medical condition one requires choosing from the different walking canes.

Types of Walking Canes

Usually, walking canes are available in wood, aluminum and steel. They are designed to offer comfort and very much practical for daily use.

Primarily there are 3 types of walking canes widely used:

  • Functional grip walking canes

Different from curved handles, these walking canes comes equipped with vertical grip. Therefore; this gives user a better and firm grip, reducing stress on the forearms and wrist areas. The cane is widely loved for providing amazing comfortability and stability that adjusts your weight without letting you slouch over.

  • Traditional Single Point Walking Canes

It is a usual C handle walking cane that comes with a single point contact to the floor. Primarily; the canes are bought for those individuals who need minimal aid complimenting the balance. The canes are made out of wood, aluminum or steel which comes with fixed or adjustable height feature.

  • Tripod Or Quad Canes

These canes have 3- 4 point of contact touching the grounds, offering amazing stability along with ensuring that the user has a safe balancing walk. Speed may be the issue here, as all the points need to come in contact with the ground which can significantly slow down the pace of walking.