How Ankle Pump Exercises Helps?

Are you experiencing ankle pumps post surgery impacts?

Well, there are many ankle pumps exercises that reduce swelling in the lower leg and knee. Blood cots that probably develop in the lower legs after surgery can be avoided by doing effective ankle pump exercises. Good circulation is necessary to freely turn the knee and legs.

Muscles in arms and legs compress and loose all around the day while you do normal activities. Proper blood circulation decreases the chances of developing a clot in knee or legs. Ankle pumps need you to move foot backward and forward. Here we provide you with a few recommendations that help you get the most out of ankle pumps.

  • Keep your leg above your heart while doing the exercise. Heart is the pump house of blood supply and it is where blood circulation starts and ends. First, you have to lay flat in a comfortable manner. Some people may have difficulty to breathing when lying flat while others experience back problems. Ensure that you are able to get your body lying flat in a comfortable manner. As you place your leg above your heart level, you will feel that gravity help you move the swelling ‘down-stream’ toward the heart. This way, your blood is cleaned up and used again.

ankle pump exercise

  • When doing ankle pump exercises, ensure that your leg is kept in a comfortable and supported position. You can use blankets or pillows to support leg up and hold it in place. You won’t get the desired results from the exercise if your leg muscles are stretched and leg is kept in place.
  • Make the most of your motion means you should be able to go in both direction. Imagine that you will touch the opposite wall with your toes when you point them. You can optimize the results if you go to the extreme with both motions with your foot elevated.

Your physician must have instructed you about how to do ankle pump exercises. You are allowed to do 10-30 reps many times a day. Overdoing can cause some health issues. Ankle pump exercise doesn’t make you sweat as they are easy to do. However, this does not mean that they are of less importance.

They are the never neglect type exercises suitable for ankle pump post surgery cases. Many people still don’t know anything about this important exercise and hence, suffering from ankle pumps. There are many websites online offering videos of how to do the exercise. Original physical therapists provide explanation of the exercise on the videos.

You should choose the most relevant and popular video sites for ankle pump exercises. Ensure that you are doing each exercise as per the said manner. You have to be comfortable when doing the exercises as well. Doing these exercises everyday can help you reduce ankle pump swelling. You will be experiencing changes in swelling within days if you continue to the exercise in a right and comfortable manner.

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