What Causes Inner Ankle Pain And How To Get The Best Treatment?

Ankle bears tremendous weight of your body especially when you are jogging or running. Inner ankle pain is a common problem for many which may lasts for more than a day. It may sound an alarm against something serious and in such a case, immediate doctor’s help should be taken.

inside ankle pain

Inside ankle pain have the tendency to become a barrier in the path of normal livelihood.

It can cause serious restrictions in movement as well as excruciating pain, one that’s very difficult to deal with.

During this time, one should avoid all sorts of exercises, or any activities that require one to put pressure or stress on their ankles.

Along with this, avoid physical activities like jogging and running, as these would make things more complicated.

What Causes Inner Ankle Pain?

Injury to tendons, bones and ligaments in ankle are one of the most common causes of inner ankle pain in body.

Ankle sprain is another factor that leads to pain in ankle as ankle gets twisted and turned in it in an awkward way.

Several medical conditions such as injured ankle or foot, septic arthritis, Achilles tendinitis, gout, Achilles tendon rupture, avulsion fracture, rheumatoid arthritis, pseudogout and osteoarthritis too causes pain in ankle in the inner region.

The treatment for inner ankle pain is driven by what has caused the pain and your doctor can help you know about the best treatment that would work for you after diagnosing your problem carefully.

If inner ankle pain is caused by any injury, following tips can help in managing the condition in an effective way. But care that you should follow these after consulting with your doctor.

Inner Ankle Pain Treatment

Inner ankle pain and swelling can be managed by taking good amount of rest. Also one should avoid indulging into sporting activities until pain subsides.

If injury is mild in nature, pain can go away with rest alone.

If pain in inner ankle is accompanied by swelling, it is recommended to apply ice packs on the affected area. Wrap ice in towel and compress it against the affected area. Apply for 15 minutes four times in a day.

Avoid rubbing ice for long period of time on affected area as it can lead to tissue damage.

Keeping affected ankle at a higher level than of your heart helps in reducing selling and pain in ankle. So while sitting or sleeping, place two pillows or a leg wedge under your ankle.

Application of heating pads on the affected area helps in dealing chronic ankle pain. Heat helps in relaxing and loosening tissues while stimulating blood flow in the aching ankle area. The pain occurred due to overuse injuries can also treated by ankle pain in effectual way.

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen helps in effectively dealing with inner ankle bone pain. When body part gets affected with injuries, it results in overproduction of chemicals like COX-2 enzymes and prostaglandins which in turn causes pain and inflammation. But these NSAID’s helps in inhibiting the production of these chemicals in body.

To avoid pain from aggravating, you can also make use of crutches or cane. Using these for few days will not over stress your ankle and foot region and will help in dealing with your pain better.

5 Easy Ways To Treat Inside Ankle Pain

There are several activities that can rehabilitate your ankles and bring back their strength. Here we discuss some of the best ways by which you can treat your inside ankle pain.

1- Inside ankle pain can be dealt with by standing on one’s toes. You can start with flat feet firmly grounded to the floor; then slowly rolling up to the balls of your feet.

Holding this position for around 20 seconds, and going back to the initial position can provide some comfort from the pain. Repeat this exercise till you start feeling discomfort or pain.

2- Inside ankle pain can be dealt with by standing on one’s heels. Like the first scenario, this too requires you to start off by a firm flat feet, followed by rolling back onto the rear heels of your feet.

You can try holding this position from about 15 seconds, and repeat till you feel disoriented or sense discomfort.

3- Inside ankle pain can also be treated with by taking up stretching exercises. Remember, stretching exercises can prove to be harmful under such circumstances, and hence should be initiated only after consulting a physician!

These are simple exercises that are targeted to increase the range of movement of the affected tendons; Thus, significantly speeding up the healing process.

4- You will be surprised to know that inside ankle pain can be treated with bike riding. This procedure must be initiated once your ankles begin to heal up. You can start with an exercise regimen with bicycle exercises that are aimed at cardiovascular muscles.

These are generally exercises that require you to paddle in circular motions, in turn helping you to strengthen your recovering ligaments.

5- Lastly you can try standing with you feet wide apart (ideally shoulder width apart), with the injured knee next to a wall.

Now push towards the wall with the injured ankle and hold the pressure for 3 to 5 seconds; repeat the process at least 15 times. As you feel stronger, increase the pressure on the injured ankle. Stop if you being to feel pain.

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