10 Best Cane For Walking Support And Balancing (Tips And Buying Guide)

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Life is uncertain and can turn into dependency when one tends to grow old or at time of injuries.

With the growing age, people experience several health problems and often fall prey to conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s, joint problems, ankle injuries, etc.

Not just senior citizens, but people who have met with some serious accidental injuries (or experiencing weakness and have become dependent when walking) are in need of a helping hand.

Walking Cane can prove to be the best aiding help to such conditions.

In addition, walking canes are also beneficial for people suffering from body pain such as lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, arthritis pain, foot or knee surgery, etc.

If you are buying a walking cane online for someone who is old and needs support to walk or balance OR for one who is recovering from an injury; you may come across terms like walking sticks and crutches.

And with so many options out there, it becomes very confusing to figure out the right one that is best suitable for the condition.

If you are really confused about which one to buy for your loved ones or for your personal use, read on to determine and to get the most suitable one so that you can seek maximum benefits out of it…

7 Different Types of Walking Canes

Usually, walking canes for balance problems are available in wood, aluminum, and steel.

These are designed to offer maximum comfort to the user and are therefore very much practical for daily use.

While choosing a walking cane for seniors or elderly, first and the foremost step is to decide about their specific requirement.

Primarily there are 7 types of walking canes widely used.

Based on the below-mentioned cane types you can choose the one that is most suitable for them.

1- Traditional Single Point Walking Canes

It is a usual walking cane type that comes with a single point contact to the floor.

These may be available in various handle types including (C neck, derby, offset, etc).

Primarily; these walking canes are bought for individuals who need minimal aid complimenting the balance.

These canes are made out of wood, aluminum, or steel which comes with fixed or adjustable height features.

2- Functional Grip Walking Canes

Different from C curved handles, these walking canes come equipped with a vertical grip.

Therefore; this gives the user a better and firmer grip, reducing stress on the forearms and wrist areas.

These canes are majorly useful for blind people.

However, these walking cane for blind is also widely loved due to its feature to provide amazing comfort and stability that adjusts your weight without letting you slouch over.

3- Tripod Or Quad Canes

These canes have 3- 4 points of contact touching the grounds, offering amazing stability along with ensuring that the user has a safe balancing walk.

Speed may be the issue here in these walking cane with feet, as all the points need to come in contact with the ground which can significantly slow down the pace of walking.

4- Hemi Walker Cane

This is basically a combination quad cane and a walker.

It has a much larger/wider base than any other cane types and is, therefore, best suitable for providing additional support and balance.

These types of canes are best suitable for very old aged people or patients who are unable to walk due to conditions like arthritis, foot surgery or recovery, etc.

People who are currently walking with walker support and are planning to move to a cane can find this much useful.

5- Cane Seat

This type of cane can be said to be a combination of seat and cane which is specially designed in the form of the seat, chair or a stool to sit and relax.

This serves as your best walking stick when folded and your place to rest (seat) when opened.

Seniors and ladies who love to walk far distances in the morning but fear of getting tired can use these types of folding cane seat to rest their feet and ankle while walking.

6- Adjustable Folding Cane

Adjustable folding canes are the perfect option for those who travel often.

Carrying a traditional walking cane is definitely a hassle for those who travel for weeks or for months.

A cane that is completely adjustable and can be folded to fit inside a bag can really be exciting for them.

Just ensure that you have locked down the section of the cane before you carry them again, for safe and secure walking.

7- Dual Handle Cane

These come with two handles for the additional safety of the users.

The additional lower handle provided in the cane actually helps to pull or lift the body up while standing – from a seated position.

For this unique functionality, these are sometimes also referred to as get up and go cane, sit-to-stand canes, or self-standing canes.

Overall, canes for walking support and balancing are much more than a traditional cane which just served the purpose of supporting.

These are today designed differently and can be purchased according to one’s lifestyle, routine and specific requirement.

10 Best Walking Cane Reviews

Best Options for Seniors Who Need Better Support, Balance, and Stability

As the market is loaded with lots of different options, we have reviewed some of the best walking canes below so that you can easily choose the one that is best suitable for you.

Just check them out and pick the one that suits your walking style and requirement.

1- HurryCane Folding Cane with T Handle