What are The Best Reflexology Tools for Foot Pain?

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What is Foot Reflexology?

Reflexology for foot and ankle pain is one of the best healing touch therapy that can help relax your painful body in a natural and risk-free way.

reflexology therapy

It is an ancient technique of using different fingers to release the pain from the specific pressure points on the feet.

According to reflexology professionals, there are about 12 specific pain points on the feet where pressure can be applied to relieve the tension and pain in the foot region.

When providing reflexology for foot pain, a therapist studies the patient’s condition thoroughly identifies the pain points that need stimulation, and plans the treatment accordingly.

A rough idea of the treatment time can be suggested but not made final because it depends on the ailment of the patient and the response to the therapy they get.

5 Best Foot Reflexology Tools and Accessories

As seen above, foot reflexology is one of the best ways by which you can eliminate chronic foot soreness and pain in your body.

But for most of us, getting a foot reflexology spa treatment may not be possible regularly.

So if you want to enjoy the reflexology massage session daily at home, you can now get the benefits of foot reflexology tools, accessories, and equipment that come at a very nominal price range.

Below are the best foot reflexology accessories that can help you enjoy the daily foot reflexology massage without any risk.

You can choose the one that suits you best so that you can enjoy living an active lifestyle free from all the foot and ankle pains.

1- TheraFlow Reflexology Wooden Foot Rollers

This reflexology foot roller massager is one of the best to get your daily deep tissue foot massage at home.

The TheraFlow wooden foot roller provides enhanced blood flow & circulation and can be used as a handheld acupressure massage tool for complete body massage.

Designed to target trigger points in the foot arch and heels, it is perfect for those suffering from high foot arches and plantar fasciitis pain.

With this lightweight and portable foot reflexology massager, you can massage both your feet at a time.

You just need to place the massager on a flat surface, and it’s ready to use.

2- Neo Foot Reflexology Sandals for Men and Women

Neo Foot Reflexology Sandals is another great tool to help get healing reflexology massage at home easily.

It utilizes 100% therapeutic natural stones, which are placed perfectly to stimulate your acupressure points on the sole of your feet to provide all the healing benefits of reflexology, acupressure, and shiatsu massage.

Made up of artificial PU sole and EVA materials, these acupressure sandals are completely non-slip and safe to wear for all ages (suitable for both men and women) at all times.

Additionally, these are also tough, sturdy, and durable to use.

These foot reflexology slippers come with adjustable Velcro straps for altering the width and ensuring the maximum comfort.

Equipped with an anti-microbial agent, it does not show any signs of bad odors. Also, it is super easy to clean by wiping it down with a clean damp cloth.

Note: While using Neo Reflexology Sandals (TM) for the first time, you may feel a bit uncomfortable or have pain in your feet.

But worry not; with a few days of usage, you may feel comfortable with these as your feet get adjusted with these best reflexology sandals.

To avoid the discomfort, you can shorten the time of usage by a few days or can try using them with socks.

3- Physix Gear Foot Reflexology Massage Balls

Physix Gear Foot Reflexology balls are another perfect massaging tool to enjoy a great healing massage at home, gym, or office.

These Physix Lacrosse Balls provide ultimate trigger point therapy to ease all your muscle tension, soreness, kinks, spasms, cramps, and pain naturally with no risk.

You can use these lacrosse massage balls not only to relieve the tension in your foot but also for stress and tension in the shoulders, neck, arms, legs, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

The most beneficial thing about using these spiky massage ball for feet is you can use them individually (without a partner to assist) anywhere you want (like while sitting on a chair, lying on a yoga mat, in the bed or on the floor).

As these physical lacrosse massage balls are small, lightweight, and portable in size, you can easily carry them along on any trip to enjoy on-the-go massage right at your fingertips.

FREE eGuide is included with the set, which helps you to learn about the usage of these balls in an effective manner.

TIP: If you want, you can use a golf ball or tennis ball to get similar healing results.

4- Pebble Foot Reflexology Pad/Mat

Pebble Foot Reflexology Massage Mat is another great product that can help relax the tiredness of the muscles very easily.

Made up of high-quality material, this foot reflexology board with stones provides you with all the healing benefits of acupuncture, shiatsu, and magnetic therapy at your home.

You just need to stand on it for a few minutes in a day to get the benefits.

If you want, you can also place it below your working table so that you can enjoy the healing massage all the time while seated.

Not only this foot reflexology pad eases your tension and tiredness, but also it helps in removing the toxins from the body, thereby keeping your fit and active always.

Overall this mat helps for occasional foot rejuvenation by targeting Thai foot massage pressure points and is a must-have for you if you are suffering from regular foot pain.

5- Wooden Reflexology Foot Massager Stick

Foot reflexology stick massager is another great tool that can be used for getting a wonderful spa-like Chinese reflexology massage at home.

These wooden massaging tools help in enhancing blood circulation and stimulate the internal organs of the body, thereby relieving the tension of the nervous system.

One complete set of these Chinese reflexology sticks includes 6 stick pcs. of varied shapes that can be used for massaging different body parts. These are:

  • Foot Massage tool
  • Hand Massage tool
  • Roller-Face Massage
  • X- Shape Massage tool
  • Wing-shape massage tool
  • Star Shape Hand Massage tool

All these easy-to-use Thai traditional massage tools for foot, hand, head, and body are made up of high-quality redwood that lasts for a long.

How To Use Thai Wooden Massage Tools?

To learn about how to use reflexology tools and wooden massage sticks at home, you can check the below video.

Besides all the above foot reflexology tools and accessories, there are others like foot reflexology machines and foot reflexology chairs that can be tried to enjoy foot reflexology massage at home.

However, these can be a bit expensive and cumbersome for home usage.

Foot Reflexology Pain Points

There are certain foot reflexology pressure points where the pressure needs to be applied to treat the pain in the foot and ankle region naturally.

These points are as follows:

✅ Hollow Pressure Point: This pressure point helps in relieving pain in ankles, sciatic pain, joint pain, and related swelling.

This pressure point is situated in the inner part of the bone of the ankles.

Upon applying the pressure, the patient must relax for around 30 seconds in between. The said process must be repeated for long 8 minutes in 30 seconds duration.

✅ Illuminated Sea: The said pressure point is present beneath the ankle area.

It is specifically suited for treating swollen ankles and related stiffness that causes unbearable pain in the ankles.

The pressure is applied with both the thumbs and at the same time.

It is recommended to continue this practice for around 2 minutes daily for better relief.

✅ High Mountains: It is a beneficial pressure point technique to remove ankle pain. This pressure point is applied to the outer ankle area.

It is applied for around 5 minutes and a consecutive gap of 30 seconds in between.

It is recommended to practice every night for maximum benefits.

It can be repeated 2-3 times a day for better results.

Applying pressure on this point will relieve muscles from extreme pain situations. It also alleviates pain by improving blood circulation in the body.

✅ Calm Sleep: This pressure point is applied to treat ankle and other foot pains.

One can hold the pressure point with the index finger and apply pressure in circular points. It is quite an effective technique and gives results in a few weeks.

Besides the above, there are many other foot reflexology pressure points (check here) that can be used to relieve the pain.

If you want, you can get a detailed study on these Acupressure points before getting the treatment.

Reflexology Chart for Foot Pain

The Reflexology map or a chart shows various pressure points present on foot in detail.

By knowing these points, you can get an idea of how these different points are uniquely associated with the human anatomy system and how the technique works by using different fingers at these specific points.

Most of these charts include detailed diagrams of:

  • plantar foot
  • lateral foot
  • palmar hand
  • lateral hand
  • dorsal hand
  • medial hand
  • dorsal foot
  • medial foot

Reflexology for foot pain chart plays a vital role as far as the working of the reflexology is concerned.

Studying the foot pain reflexology chart is the basic step to learning the procedure or therapy. And by studying the different pressure points, you can try the therapy on your own at home.

Rainbow FOOT Reflexology Chart is one of the best you can try out if you want to study the foot reflexology pressure points in detail.

It is, in fact, one of those informative charts that have prospered lately for providing in-depth knowledge about reflexology and stating its benefits.

This chart clearly explains all the Acupressure pressure points through beautifully illustrated diagrams that are concisely labeled for easy identification.

This is an accurate chart where all the pressure points of the feet are here clearly illustrated, highlighted, color-coded, and mapped for easiest learning. The chart also illustrates the specific 7 endocrine glands and chakra points in the Feet.

The chart is quite useful for professional Massage Therapists, Reflexologists as well as for students learning reflexology massage therapy.

It also proves useful for patients who want to get self-help and treat themselves with some DIY procedures.

Following this reflexology chart for foot pain, you can easily heal various aches and pains in the body at home.

Healing Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Chinese foot reflexology massage is basically a process where pressure on different pressure points in the body is applied to relieve the painful condition naturally.

For people who think that whether the technique does work or not, it can be said that it’s a powerful therapy that can help heal your chronic body pain in just a matter of a few weeks.

In fact, reflexology tools and their uses are highly significant, and you should not ignore using them if you want to lead a pain-free lifestyle.

Below are certain foot reflexology benefits that a therapy eventually provides to the patient:

1- Improves the blood circulation in the body and keeps the vital organs like the heart, kidney, and liver fit and fine.

2- Enhances the energy levels and removes the blockage of energy in the path of the organs in the body and thereby resuming normal body functioning.

3- Controls the blood pressure significantly by reducing the stress and anxiety in the body. However, it does not claim a permanent cure for high blood pressure.

4- Improves liver functioning by ensuring that the food you eat is metabolized efficiently, thereby helping you keep your body healthy & safe.

5- Reduces muscle fatigue, inflammation, and arthritis symptoms like a swollen foot, thereby helping you avoid the regular medications you need to take for these chronic problems.

6- Speeds up the healing of injuries in the ankle, foot, or other body parts by quickly enhancing the circulation, which response to the body’s nervous and immune system for quick healing.

7- Relieves the symptoms of pregnancy and PMS (like swollen foot and hormonal imbalances) for women, which can cause a lot of emotional disturbances, irritability, and fatigue in them during this time.

8- Helps in managing Insomnia by improving the nervous system’s functioning and thereby promoting healthier sleep in patients suffering from chronic nigh pain in the body.

9- Treats migraine and chronic headaches by decreasing the hormonal impact of cortisol on our blood vessels. This helps in curing muscular tension and stress, thereby making us calm.

10- Relieves the symptoms of sinusitis and seasonal allergies, thereby allowing you to breathe easier without relying on medications that can prove risky.

Foot Reflexology Techniques and Steps

Foot Reflexology Side Effects and Risks

Although there are minimal side effects seen with reflexology of the foot and ankle, you should know about them so that you do not worry about when it feels after getting a reflexology treatment.

Certain people, after attending reflexology sessions, often experience fatigue in the body.

Studies show that it may be due to the toxins that are being cleared out of the body as a result of the healing session.

A few other side effects of foot reflexology may include depression, cold, dizziness, fever, muscle soreness, foot sensitivity, sweating, nausea, etc.

However, with a few more continued massaging sessions, the fatigue and other side effects tend to disappear easily.

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