The 10 Best Wedge Pillow For Leg Elevation And Knee Support

Many people find it difficult to move their legs while they are asleep. They may even experience the tingling pain traveling upwards when they try to move their legs.

The exact reason for such leg pain or restless leg syndrome is not very much clear.

However, according to researches, the most common reason here could be the stress, deficiency of essential minerals in the body, or consumption of certain medications that could create side effects.

In some cases, it could even be genetic syndrome which makes the mobility of the legs difficult in an individual.

In most cases, people tend to just adjust to the pain when they get up and shake their legs off until the pain is gone.

However, for some of them, it becomes hard to get rid of the problem until they get some medications.

Experts suggest that before relying on medications to treat restless leg syndrome, it is important for you to check on various other options that could help you provide relief to the pain in your leg naturally.

A wedge pillow can be of great help here as this could help you place your legs in a straight and comfortable position while you sleep comfortably.

What Is A Wedge Pillow?

A wedge pillow is usually a triangle-shaped pillow to help accommodate the natural curve of a human body so that necessary comfort is provided in the best possible ways.

When it comes to leg lift wedge pillow, these may come in multi-angles with varied shapes and sizes. You, therefore, need to check and pick the right one carefully according to your needs.

If you feel intense pain after you sit for long hours or while you are asleep, you can try these wedged pillows for your leg and foot to help release all the discomfort and painful sensation while sleeping or resting.

You can either place it in a closed position – in between your two legs OR can place it in an open position – for foot/ankle support.

By doing so you are:

  • placing calves and legs in a proper position
  • elevating your leg position to relax legs and feet better
  • providing the best comfort to your leg thereby ensuring you are not stressed while you are asleep

While medications can help in relieving leg pain, it is important for you to be considerate about using these leg elevation wedge pillows to elevate legs while sleeping as it helps in improving circulation in the most natural way.

The best thing about using these leg wedge pillow for back pain is it acts naturally to stop all your pain and discomfort without any risks or side effects.

Benefits Of Leg Elevation Pillow

Elevating legs during sleep is one of the best natural ways by which you can relieve problems such as edema, swelling, sprain, fracture, etc.

Doctors usually recommend elevating your leg above the heart to reduce swelling and to heal your leg/ankle faster in case you have suffered from an injury.

The ideal benefit of a leg wedge pillow is to provide you with better sleep and comfort after a long day’s work.

While this is the most common benefit, below mentioned are few other bed wedge benefits you can enjoy with:

  • Ensures improved blood circulation by elevating the legs above the heart
  • Reduces stress in the lower back of your body to relax your body completely
  • Provides proper alignment to pelvis helping relieve pressure from hip joints, knees, and ankle
  • Helps to get rid of morning back pain to rejuvenate and refresh your body every morning
  • Elevates and provide support for legs to relieve stress, muscle cramps and swelling in the foot
  • Relieves you from the discomfort and pain due to varicose veins and knee replacement/surgery

People suffering from lymphedema and pregnancy discomfort find these leg raiser pillows very much useful as these are ergonomically designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the hips, knees, ankles, and lower back.

A wedged leg pillow for side sleepers is also most recommended (especially for those suffering from restless leg syndrome), as it acts as a leg spacer pillow to provide the necessary support while sleeping.

The foot wedge pillow can also be used to treat non-inflammatory pain on your legs caused due to overweight issues and pain without swelling.

Morning stiffness that lasts for at least an hour after you are awake can also be reduced considerably when you use these pillows at night.

10 Best Leg Elevation Pillow Reviews

Proper leg elevation can have a positive health impact, especially for your feet, ankle, and legs.

However, finding the right kind of elevated leg wedge pillow is not an easy job as there are a variety of options available.

To make it easy for you we have reviewed the top 10 options below.

You can check their detailed reviews along with the pros and cons of each, before making a final buying decision.

1- Lounge Doctor Leg Rest