Best Ankle Strengthening Exercises And Equipment After A Sprain

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Strong ankles undoubtedly play a vital role in preventing and recovering from ailments like ankle fractures, sprain, and strains.

And it is no doubt that one of the best ways to achieve strong ankles is by performing ankle strengthening exercises on a daily basis.

This article provides you detail description over such wonderful ankle and foot strengthening exercises to provide you physically powerful ankles in an effective way.

Let’s check out more about them below…

Importance of Ankle Strengthening Exercises

The muscles that imperceptibly get weakened earliest in your body are the muscles in the lower leg and it occurs around forty years of age.

Unless this issue is immediately and properly addressed, walking normally will be a difficult task.

Different types of ankle strengthening exercises are thus recommended and should be carried out for avoiding any issues that may be caused due to weak ankles and muscles.

These exercises are generally divided into specific categories, each category aimed at fortifying a particular part leading ultimately to strengthening the ankles.

Professionals such as sports persons, dancers, runners, etc take the help of these exercises for strengthening their foot and ankle so that they can perform better in their respective fields.

Best Ankle Strengthening Exercises After Sprain

If you are too concerned about strengthening your foot and ankle, performing exercises on a daily basis is a way to achieve this.

Especially if you have ever suffered from ankle sprain due to ankle injuries, then these ankle strengthening exercises after a sprain will help you a lot.

Not only these foot and ankle strengthening exercises help in strengthening your bones but they also help you in avoiding any future injuries.

Ankle plantarflexion

For performing this ankle exercise, stand in front of a table keeping hands on it for balance. Raise yourself up by lifting your toes.

Stay in this position for 6 seconds and then slowly return to starting position. Repeat it 10 times.

Ankle dorsiflexion

For doing this exercise, stand in front of a table and place hands on it for balancing your body.

Lift toes off the floor in air and place body weight over your heels. Stay in this position for six seconds.

Return to the initial position. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Ankle inversion and eversion

For performing this ankle strengthening exercise, first and foremost sit keeping your back straight against a wall.

Keep knees straight and feet in your front.

Now turn your foot in an inward direction and hold it for 6 seconds. Now turn your foot to the outward direction and hold it again for another 6 seconds.

Repeat this ankle strengthening exercise after a sprain 10 times with both right and left foot.

If you find it difficult to perform this ankle exercise, make use of the band to provide resistance.

The ‘alphabet’

In this ankle strengthening exercise, sit on a chair keeping feet off the ground.

Now write the entire word ‘alphabet’ in the air with the right foot.  Now use your left foot for writing the word ‘alphabet’ in air.

This magical ankle strengthening exercise uses each and every muscle present in your ankle.

Few more ankle strengthening exercises and tips that can help are:

  • Perform seated calf raises using light weights for strengthening your ankles. Do 10 repetitions.
  • If you exercise on an elliptical trainer, pedal it only with your feet balls to strengthen your ankles in an effective way.
  • Walking backward on a treadmill also helps in getting strong ankles. Start at a slow speed and then gradually increase. Do not hold on as it will diminish all the positive effects of performing this ankle exercise.
  • Include jogging, brisk walking, hiking, and aerobic exercises in your lifestyle routine to strengthen your ankles in an easy way. Even squatting exercises and inline skating does wonder in getting strong ankles.
  • Jumping rope proves useful in strengthening the muscles and also the ligaments.
  • Walking on the heels, with the forefeet facing upwards strengthens shin especially the tibialis anterior.
  • Lifting the heels and walking on the balls of the feet will fortify the calf muscles – the gastrocnemius and soleus.

Performing these ankle and foot strengthening exercises on a regular basis will help you in strengthening your ankle after getting the sprain.

In the long run, these will help in avoiding any future chances of getting your ankle or calves injured.

Below are some of the best exercise equipment, devices, and machines that can be utilized to make the exercising easy and enjoyable.

10 Best Ankle Strengthening Equipment and Machine

As discussed above, performing ankle strengthening exercises is a great way to get a stronger ankle and foot in the long run.

However, people just ignore them due to the nonavailability of equipment and knowledge about how to perform these exercises in the best possible way.

Below we mentioned some of the best ankle exercise equipment and machines that can prove helpful for you.

You can get them online for performing these ankle exercises in a smarter and easier way.

1- ProFitness Wooden Balance Board