How To Wrap Foot For Arch Pain?

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There is a total of 26 bones in the foot, and two arches along the length of the foot called the Longitudinal arch and along the width of the foot called the Transverse arch.

Foot Arch Pain

These bones are connected through ligaments, muscles, and plantar fascia.

There are also fat pads in the foot to help with weight-bearing & absorbing impact.

Arch pain can occur if something goes wrong with the function of any of these structures.

Supporting muscles for the arch are divided into 2 groups:

  • The muscles on the top of the arch start on the front lower leg and help to lift the arch
  • The muscles that help pull the arch on the bottom of the foot are located on the back of the lower leg

Foot arch pain for athletes can range from moderate to severe. When moderate, it can affect before and after the activity, which does not affect your performance.

However, in severe cases, the pain can be unbearable, leaving you immobile. This may hinder you from doing any physical activity or sports.

While pain in the foot arch is the main symptom of the problem, some other common symptoms also include tenderness, bruises, discoloration, and swelling in the foot/ankle area.

Causes of Foot Arch Pain

As such, there are many causes of foot arch pain.

Overuse of foot muscles, vigorous exercising of the foot for a prolonged period, running on uneven surfaces, or surfaces that are too hard or too soft are some common causes.

Few other causes of foot arch pain also include:

  • Inflammation
  • Muscle strain
  • Stress fracture
  • Ligament sprain
  • Plantar fascial injury
  • Acute and chronic arthritis
  • Contusion due to an accident
  • Poor biomechanical alignment

Few other conditions that can also cause foot arch pain are:

Plantar fasciitis –

It is the common cause of heel pain. The plantar fascia is a band of tough tissue connecting the heel bone to the toes that become irritated or inflamed.

The foot arch pain in such cases is worse in the morning when getting out of bed.

Heel spurs –

It is an abnormal growth of bone on the bottom of the heel bone that may be caused due to abnormal gait, posture or walking, inappropriate shoes, etc.

Spurs can cause foot arch pain while walking or standing. Heel spurs can occur in people with plantar fasciitis, but it does not cause plantar fasciitis.

Stone bruise –

It is a bruise of the fat pad of the heel. It can occur after stepping on a rock or other hard object.

Heel bone fracture –

Calcaneus is the most common fracture of the foot bone. It most commonly occurs due to any high impact on the heel.

For example, if falling from a height or in a car accident. Injuries in this condition may range from a bone crack to a shattered or broken bone.

How To Wrap Foot For Arch Pain?

Wrapping or taping your arches while sporting is a great way to relieve the pain associated with foot arch conditions.

These athletic taping techniques also prevent your foot from getting any further injury by supporting and stabilizing your arch during the play.

You can either use this foot arch support sleeve by BraceAbility or can choose any other foot arch support bandage online to wrap your foot.

Taping arches for plantar fasciitis can be done in two ways (Low-Dye Technique & X-Crossing Technique).

You can follow the arch taping instructions in the videos given below:

Low-Dye Technique

X-Crossing Technique

While the low-dye taping technique is easier to implement, the X-crossing technique can offer you better support for the foot arches.

Using Kinesio tape arch support is also a good home remedy to relieve foot arch pain at home.

In fact, this is considered one of the best athletic tapes for healing bad ankles fast.

You can buy these tapes online and can try arch taping for flat feet at home to get relief from a sharp pain in the arch of a foot very soon.

It is good to get the help of someone who can wrap your feet for you. This will prevent the tape from getting wrinkled or from becoming too tight.

Be ensured that a few athletic tapes can also irritate your skin. Using under wrap is hence recommended, which can reduce the irritation caused.

Also, you should consider shaving (and thoroughly cleaning) your feet before applying any type of taping for foot arches.

Other Ways for How To Get Rid of Foot Arch Pain

RICE treatment therapy is one of the most important for reliving the patient suffering from severe foot arch pain.

During an injury, this treatment method should be given immediately.

  • Rest – it just puts the patient in a comfortable position
  • Icing – it is putting ice application or ice packs over the affected part
  • Compression – it is compressing the affected region by using a brace for improved circulation
  • Elevation using a pillow– is about elevating the affecting part of the leg to enhance blood supply to the heart, thereby to the affected part of arterial supply.

Taping the foot, splinting or casting to protect the heel bone, giving pain relievers, and surgery (in rare cases) are some of the other treatment options available for relieving the pain caused.

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