10 Best Ankle Support Braces for Trail Running | Reviews, Tips and Guide

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Ankle pain after running is a very common condition affecting people these days.

Not only athletes but even common people get affected by this painful condition.

They may experience this type of pain just after their regular jogging or running exercise or even after walking.

Ankle pain after running is usually like a deep dull ache that is painful when touched. This type of condition aggravates with walking, standing, running, or foot and ankle motions.

It has been estimated that long-term sequelae from ankle sprains occur in up to 50 percent of patients with ankle ligament injuries.


Why Use Ankle Brace/Sleeve for Running?

Runners who have just started feeling the pain often have a question in mind: are ankle braces good for running? 

Wearing ankle support braces or sleeves while walking or trail running is the best effective way to avoid pain in your ankle and feet after running.

Wearing ankle braces while running reduces the risk of getting the ankle injured as it absorbs blow and prevents it from turning in an awkward position.

Since this sports injury equipment helps in reducing ankle pain and in preventing injuries as well to a large extent, it is preferred by even those who have not ever suffered from ankle or foot pain.

Especially if your ankle has got injured in the past and you are suffering from regular ankle pain, wearing ankle braces while running, jogging, or walking is a great idea.

It reduces the chances of recurrence of ankle injury again and helps in getting relief from ankle bone pain.

Top 10 Best Ankle Braces for Running and Walking

Today there are different types/styles of ankle braces for trail running available on the retail market.

Here are the detailed description and reviews of different types of ankle braces that can be helpful for you during running and walking.

Hopefully, these best ankle brace reviews will help you in buying the best ankle brace for walking and running that suits your requirement perfectly.

1. ASO Stabilizer Ankle Brace

Muscle sprains and other ligament tears (while walking, running, and jogging) can lead to immense ankle pain. If you want to avoid all these problems, the ASO ankle brace is a thing for you.

ASO (Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis) ankle brace is used by professional athletes as it provides great strength and support to its user with its thin, lightweight, strong design.

This ASO ankle brace safely holds ankle in its place and prevents painful inversion and eversion injuries by fitting comfortably into most of the athletic or casual shoes.

Moreover, the ASO ankle brace is home washable, affordable, and made with superior engineering which makes it reusable, easy, and effective to use.

2. McDavid Ankle Support Brace

McDavid offers you a professional quality hinged ankle brace that helps in avoiding and treating all types of ankle injuries, including high ankle sprains, which are common during running.

It is designed in such a way that it reduces eversion, rotation, and inversion, which is the main reason for ankle injuries.

McDavid ankle brace is light weighted and it does not affect ankle mobility in any way.

It can easily fit into any shoe style and is meant to provide protection and comfort to athletes of all age groups.

You can easily wear it for hours to get maximum comfort and protection during your running session.

3. Bracoo Neoprene Ankle Brace

Bracoo ankle brace is a high-quality ankle support brace for running that guards your ankle against any injury while running on the track field.

Bracoo Neoprene ankle brace is made up of durable neoprene fabric which stretches easily to make the brace extra comfortable and durable.

It can also be worn for sports protection and after orthopedic surgery. And this is the reason it has been used by martial art professionals and other sportsmen indulged in sports such as soccer, football, volleyball, etc.

4. Aircast Ankle Support Brace

Aircast is the world’s number one provider of ankle braces for running and walking.

The brand not only provides the best ankle strap for running and walking but also provides a number of ankle braces that help in dealing with ailments like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, PTTD (flat foot), and Achilles tendonitis.

The list of The Aircast ankle braces includes Aircast A60 ankle support brace, Aircast airsport ankle brace, Aircast air-stirrup ankle brace, etc.

Based on the customer reviews, these are the most common braces which medical professionals prescribe for preventing and relieving ankle injuries caused while walking or running.

5. Mueller Ankle Support Brace

If you are looking for affordable ankle braces that can help your run easily without worrying about hurting your feet or ankle, go for Mueller ankle braces.

Providing protection from side slipping or wobbling during running also provides normal ankle movement with complete stability.

Sometimes, people suffer from a previous injury from trauma or genetic factors, but with a Mueller ankle brace, you can definitely live and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Presently the Mueller ankle braces are available in 2 basic colors, i.e., black and white. These ankle braces can be opened completely as it has a front lace pattern – the foot can be slipped within without any hassles.

These braces also have adjustable straps, with anti-slipping criss-crossing side straps that prevent any slippage, assuring that it is a tight, comfortable fit.

6. Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace Sleeve

This Kunto Fitness ankle brace offers even pressure and support to your ankle joints. This shall help in providing moderate support and relief from any pain due to injury.

This ankle brace for running after a sprain is made of soft material that does not slip or make you uncomfortable while you are on the game.

It comes in pairs so that you can use them to protect both your ankles without worrying about bulking up your feet.

This Kunto fitness compression sleeve recovery is an ideal choice for players engaged in CrossFit, tennis, badminton, golf, hiking, and volleyball.

These games are prone to leave you with a sprain or pressure on your ankle that can be recovered easily with the help of this ankle support brace.

Even if you are not an athlete but suffer from problems like arthritis, muscle cramps, fatigue, or any other, this brace can help you a lot with reduced efforts and at a minimal cost.

7. Powerlix Ankle Brace Support Sleeve

This ankle support brace by Powerlix offers the comfort you need while you are on your track for a training session.

Designed to provide the best-targeted compression and support to your arch and ankle, it minimizes the risk of injuries while you are on the ground.

This best ankle brace for trail running also helps with boosting your recovery speed while comforting foot sleeves.

Other than your game time, you can also wear them while you are on the go if you feel the need to wear them.

Unlike other ankle braces for weak ankles, this premium Powerlix compression brace support comes with guaranteed money-back option that can be availed if you are not satisfied with the product.

Their team of customer support executives is there to reach out to you on your concerns and to provide you with immediate solutions to your concerns, doubts, and apprehensions.

8. Pure Compression Ankle Support Sleeve

This adjustable ankle support brace helps in compressing to provide perfect support on your ankle and heel as required during running.

Other than your training times, you can also use this adjustable ankle support brace to ensure your legs are not subjected to any kind of exertion due to daily activities.

This ankle support for weak ankles is also therapeutic in nature, ensuring that any kind of mobility issue in your leg is deal with utmost care.

Users are assured of 100% satisfaction, and in case you are not satisfied with this best ankle brace for running with peroneal tendonitis, you are provided with a complete refund of your purchase.

9. Sleeve Stars Ankle Wrap Support Brace

This Sleeve Stars professional foot sleeve is designed with ideal compression and wrap support that helps in reducing swelling and clearing achy feet and heels.

Another added benefit of this ankle wear is that it is made of breathable fabric that helps with guaranteed compression and increased blood circulation into your system.

In case you have previously suffered from any injuries on your ankle, then this compression support brace shall help in easy recovery while ensuring you do not face any discomfort in your ankle.

This best ankle sleeve for running is compact and helps your feet not bulk up after you wear them. This means you can easily slip into your favorite sandals without having to worry about bulky feet.

10. Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace

This Liomor ankle support breathable ankle brace for runners is an ideal and handy solution to ensure that you do not get hurt while practicing your game.

These ankle straps are designed in a way to provide better grip, and you can wear them along with your exercise shoes. It holds your ankle securely rather than pulling it around your foot or arches.

This Liomor ankle support breathable ankle brace shall also ensure that the pressure on your ankle is reduced during the game.

This Liomor ankle brace is completely adjustable, compact, and easy to use. Also, it comes with easy cleaning and maintenance options – you can wash it using your detergent at home.

Types of Ankle Braces You Should Know About

Remember that to get the most out of your runner’s ankle support brace; you need to carefully choose the product that suits you best.

Researching a bit on different types of ankle braces, therefore, makes sense.

In general, there are three different types of ankle braces. These are – lace-up, rigid, and post-injury braces.

1- Lace-up

Lace-up braces or semi-rigid ankle braces are usually made from high-quality nylon-vinyl material. These are best suited for trail runners.

Choosing these braces for trail running over other types proves beneficial because these can be adjusted/tightened based on the comfort level of the runner.

Being less rigid, these types allow enhanced flexibility and tend to act prophylactic for runners on the track.

Not highly expensive, these can be easily found online or at various commercial sporting goods stores.

2- Rigid

Rigid braces are often associated with injury rehabilitation and can be further classified into two different types, i.e., stirrup and lace-up.

Stirrup ankle braces allow the up and down movements of the ankle while protecting them from rolling in or out. Due to the high level of protection, it provides these are found more useful for volleyball and basketball players.

Lace-up type rigid ankle braces come with two plastic inserts located on each side of the ankle. These help in preventing inversion and eversion.

For providing additional support, a few brands also provide straps that can be wrapped around the ankle.

Rigid ankle braces are available online and at medical supply companies. The brands that manufacture these rigid braces are Active Ankle, Don-Joy, and a few others.

3- Post-Injury

Post-injury ankle braces are highly rigid and are either air-filled or gel-filled. It includes a hinge and two plastic panels to provide extra support on each side of the leg.

Post-injury ankle braces are not meant for functional activity; it’s majorly used to relieve the swelling after an injury and to prevent inversion and eversion.

Frequently Asked Questions On Running Ankle Braces

How To Wear An Ankle Brace?

To get maximum benefits out of your running ankle brace, you should know how to wear them properly.

Many of the ankle sleeves for running are designed simply like socks so that you can easily slip your foot into them and wear the shoes above them.

However, if the brace you bought comes with lace or straps, they need to be wrapped carefully, which involves a few steps.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Slip on the foot through an ankle brace – making sure that your heel is positioned at the back of the brace
  • If it comes with a lace, do the lace-up carefully – making sure that it is neither too loose nor too tight
  • While lacing the brace, ensure that there is a gap of about ½ to 2½ inches between the middle sections of lacing eyelets

Below is a useful video that can help you wear the ankle brace properly on shoes…

How To Wear Ankle Support With Socks?

Many times athletes while wearing their shoes and socks are not pretty sure about how they should wear a functional ankle brace that can help them protected while running on the track.

If you are wearing them for the first time, make sure that you put them over the socks and not under them.

Wearing a protective runner’s ankle brace under your socks can hurt your feet, causing great discomfort while trail running.

Also, ensure that you wear high-quality long socks and not ankle socks. Ankle socks are usually worn for show-offs as they protect only your heels and not the calves.

To avoid sharp calf pain while running, you must wear long, athletic socks with ankle brace protection for running after a sprain.

How To Put On An Ankle Brace With Straps?

Putting on an ankle support brace with straps is easier.

Just wrap them right, and it automatically guards your ankle much better from getting any injuries by keeping them in position while running.

Below are the easy steps you can follow for wearing these ankle protector brace that comes with straps.

While using supportive ankle brace care, you make periodic adjustments to the tension of the brace depending on the level of activity you perform.

This will help keep them in place while running while avoiding any sort of discomfort you may feel.

What Causes Hurting Ankle Pain After Running?

Ankle pain after running has several possible causes, and it may seem to be a nuisance for anyone who is enjoying his lifestyle.

Many athletes also complain about their ankle hurts when running but not walking, even when they do not suffer from any kind of foot swelling.

It won’t be surprising to say that continuously wearing worn-out and unsupportive sneakers is one of the most common reasons for ankle soreness and discomfort for runners, which usually occurs after running, jogging, and exercising.

Believe me; new sneakers would not only be a great investment for your health, just like your fitness coach or gym membership but also can save you a good deal of money in the long run, which you may otherwise need to invest with your doctor.

Remember that taking care of the body means taking good care of your feet too. So don’t be stingy in purchasing quality footwear.

Wear only the best running shoes for ankle stability as they are essential for good running.

Having tight muscles in your feet is another cause of ankle discomfort ultimately leading to ankle pain after running.

To get relief from such conditions, massage your feet with a tennis or lacrosse ball after and before your running session.

Massaging muscles not only brings relief from pain to your feet and ankles but also prevents strains and pulls in your calves and ankles.

Lack of structured motion in the foot is one other most common cause of inner and outer ankle pain after running.

You might think that you may be getting enough of it while running but running or jogging takes place on a linear path.

Ankle pain after running is at times a sure shot sign of past, unresolved injury in the foot such as ankle sprain.

Perform quality warm-up and cool-down sessions as it prevents injury by preparing the body for exercise by improving the body’s muscle flexibility.

Ankle overuse injuries also cause ankle pain after running. For this, one should give the body ample rest so that one can recover in between running sessions.

If you have not got relieved from previous run soreness, then stretch the surrounding muscles and wait until the soreness totally goes away before starting another running session.

As soon as ankle pain after running occurs, you can also apply ice to the affected area for 20 minutes (several times a day).

This cold therapy magically lessens the hurt and swelling associated with it.

But if you are experiencing numbness or tingling sensation, avoid the use of ice packs as they can cause tissue damage.

Can Bracing Prevent Ankle Pain After Running On Treadmill?

While exercising or running on a treadmill can be a safe way to strengthen your lower body muscles and core, it can sometimes welcome an injury, especially to those with weaker ankles.

Repetitive motions while exercising on a treadmill can cause wear and tear to the peroneal tendon of your ankle.

Especially if you have high arches, the possibility of getting an injury is greater.

This is because most of the running treadmills come with incline settings. These work by moving the belt at an angle and mimics climbing a hill.

If by chance walking swiftly or running on a treadmill is causing you ankle pain, it is best to wrap your ankles using a runner’s ankle brace before exercising.

Bracing your ankle while running on a treadmill will provide you with better stability and support which prevents getting your feet injured.

Hopefully, you find the above ankle brace reviews and tips on wearing/wrapping them useful.

By finding the best ankle brace for running and walking you can surely help yourself by avoiding various ankle pain problems.

Keep in mind that if your ankle has got injured ever before, it is likely to get injured again in the future!

So why not check these best ankle support for running shoes and do keep them ON even when you are on a normal walk, jog, or run!

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