3 Best Ankle Brace for Baseball and Softball

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The games of baseball and softball are very similar and have only a few minor differences that distinguish them apart.

When you think of softball, just think of it as a variation of baseball. Although they technically are different sports, both use the same type of tools and equipment to play the game.

The sports of baseball and softball can be hard on joints of the body, just like a lot of other sports.

Constantly running, sliding, and jumping, all take a huge toll on your body, but especially your ankles.

Ankle Brace for Baseball

Injuries Related to Baseball & Softball

Players of either sport can suffer from very similar types of injuries, sprained ankles for example. This very common sports injury has affected millions of athletes and sports professionals.

The two most common types of ankle sprains in baseball and softball are lateral and high ankle sprains.

For a lateral ankle sprain to occur, the ankle is rolled outwardly on the foot.

The injury results in stretching the ligaments on the outside of the foot. This can happen when sliding into a base or stepping into a hole in the outfield.

High ankle sprains, on the other hand, can happen when your foot is extremely forced upward or downward.

For example when a player jammed their foot into a base while sliding or got the cleat stuck in the ground while trying to move towards the ball.


As such there are a number of factors as to why these problems occur to players of either sport. Some of these are:

Footwear: Sports cleats are by their sheer design, detrimental to the support of your ankles. Anytime that you wear footwear that causes your foot to be further from the ground, you create instability.

Stability: Baseball and softball fields are not always very level or stable. Unless you are playing for a professional team, most outfields have divots.

Plus over time the dirt soon becomes uneven. These types of inconsistencies in the ground can lead to a misstep or a rolled ankle.

Mobility: Due to the nature of the sport of baseball or softball, you are constantly moving and rotating, stepping on things, and sliding.

The demand for ankle mobility is very high. Not having enough mobility in your ankles can make it easy to injure yourself.


When it comes to the treatment of a sprained ankle the typical methods of treatment are fairly simple.

Depending on the severity of the sprain treatments can include rest, ice, and perhaps physical therapy for strengthening and increased mobility.

An additional method for helping the recovery from an ankle sprain is by using tape and braces.

Using items like these can help athletes and people active in sports to better protect their ankles when participating in rigorous activities.

3 Best Ankle Brace for Baseball and Softball

In baseball or softball, there are some common core issues surrounding a sprained ankle. Generally, it has to do with a lack of ankle stability and/or mobility.

Bracing your ankle while sporting can, however, help in preventing these injuries.

In case you are planning to buy one for your training, here are few best options available in the market…

1- Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer

Zamst Ankle Support Brace and Stabilizer are one of the best you can choose for sports.

Specially designed for high-movement and high-impact sports like baseball, softball, and others it provides you with unmatchable athletic support during the play.

This Zamst A2-DX ankle brace is made up of premium quality material for consistency and reliability.

Its Exo-Grid exterior support structure and rigid construction offer defensive support against ankle rolls and sprains sprint after sprint.

Few other features that come with this supportive ankle brace for baseball are:

  • Grip-Tech to prevent your ankles from slipping within the brace
  • Fit technology with strategically placed X-strap for all-direction coverage
  • Anti-migration feature to avoid the high impact movement and moisture buildup

Overall Zamst braces for baseball and softball provide you with complete defense against injury so that you’re unleashed to play your best and provide the best performance.

Go for it and pick one by choosing the size that fits your left or right ankle.

2- Orthomen Rigid Ankle Brace for Protection

Orthomen Rigid Ankle Brace is designed for providing your ankle maximum support while playing in the court or field.

By providing better compression not only it provides good protection but also reduced pain and swelling in case you are suffering from a previous ankle injury.

Some of the best features that come with this Orthomen Functional Ankle Brace for softball are:

  • Hinge design for normal gait activity
  • Anatomically-contoured supporting shell with hinge joint
  • Figure-of-eight straps as ankle taping enhance inversion/eversion support
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure that adjusts to swelling changes automatically

If you are really concerned about preventing and protecting your ankle against future re-injury this is the bracing option you should go for.

3- Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace for Injury Prevention & Support

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace by “Ultra Ankle” is another great option for supporting and preventing your ankle from getting any damage during the play.

The Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace is the most supportive and secure ankle brace that helps in preventing injuries for hours.

Far better than a lace-up brace or sleeve this supportive guard allows you to move freely in a most natural way without worrying about rolled ankle or spraining.

Few unique features that are included in this Ultra Zoom ankle brace are:

  • Can fit in your shoe to provide better support
  • Hinged design to allow a natural range of motion
  • Longer straps available for ultimate convenience

Ideal for players in the field, its high-quality material is most durable and can serve you for years. You will just love to use it for years to come!

Baseball Basics for Beginners (How To Play?)

In order to play either baseball or softball, you need to start with two opposing teams with nine players.

The sport involves a ball being throwing by one team and another player from the opposing team trying to hit the ball with a bat, without the ball being caught by the players on the throwing team.

If the ball is caught, the player hitting the ball is out for the rest of the play. Otherwise, they run around the bases until they’re tagged out or end up back at the point where they started.

These two teams each take turns at bat hitting and also in the field for pitching and trying to get the hitting team out. After both teams complete a turn hitting and fielding, the inning is complete.

In total there are nine innings in baseball and softball but can vary depending on the league and age.

Playing baseball or softball through an organization requires a great deal of athleticism to consistently perform at such a high level.

How Wearing Ankle Brace Can Help Baseball Players?

For athletes of baseball and softball, ankle braces can play a significant role in the lowered risk of ankle sprains.

By helping add stability and allowing for the full range of motion, your ankle will be able to heal properly and regain its strength.

While it is certainly true that the type of support brace you wear can directly affect you, it has been proven that wearing a brace, in general, will greatly reduce the odds of injury to your ankle than if you chose not to wear one.

In general, injury rates of braced players are less than one-third of those who don’t wear braces.

Some athletes are hesitant to use semi-rigid braces, due in part to restrictions on mobility. This is especially true for rigid braces.

However, depending on your environment, semi-rigid braces are actually quite effective at ankle injury prevention.

In addition, players can be found using tape and braces in a controlled environment where these types of ankle support actually do more harm than good.

An example of this is fully wrapping your ankle just for routine practice.

Daily or routine practice while wearing braces hinders your ankle’s ability to grow stronger and gain more mobility due to the restriction in movement.

It is recommended that you only use braces in uncontrolled environments like actual games.

Your ankle will have gained strength from practicing without a protector brace and will have an extra layer of protection during your games.

Tips for Choosing An Ankle Brace for Baseball and Softball Players

As there are different varieties of ankle braces for players available in the market, it is very important to understand which one will suit your needs well and which one will not.

The brace you choose for wrapping your ankle should be able to bring comfort to you and relieve the pain as desired or else it is a complete waste of money you invested in it.

The brace you choose for your ankle should be able to hold your feet properly in a way that your feet are immobilized well while playing in the field.

If not, the healing process will not be facilitated well.

If you are buying a brace for getting your injury healed, then it needs to be chosen based on the complexity of the injury you have.

If it’s a small injury getting a simple one-piece sleeve can suffice your problem.

But in case the injury is a complex one, you may need to go for a rigid brace or a lace-up brace that is more supportive.

Avoid taking your own decisions and try getting expert suggestions for the brand you choose.


The common injury that affects baseball and softball players are lateral and high ankle sprains. However, with proper rest and rehab, sprained ankles can easily be treated.

Using a guard is the most common and a recommended method to treat a sprained ankle, however, often the brace is used inappropriately.

By wearing a brace only for actual sporting events and training without the brace, you’ll be able to increase your ankle mobility, stability, and strength.

Together, these three qualities will help in reducing your risk of injuring or straining your ankle as you participate in activities and sports.

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