3 Best Ankle Brace for Baseball and Softball

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The games of baseball and softball are very similar and have only a few minor differences that distinguish them apart.

When you think of softball, just think of it as a variation of baseball. Although they technically are different sports, both use the same type of tools and equipment to play the game.

The sports of baseball and softball can be hard on joints of the body, just like a lot of other sports.

Constantly running, sliding, and jumping, all take a huge toll on your body, but especially your ankles.

Ankle Brace for Baseball

Injuries Related to Baseball & Softball

Players of either sport can suffer from very similar types of injuries, sprained ankles for example. This very common sports injury has affected millions of athletes and sports professionals.

The two most common type of ankle sprains in baseball and softball are lateral and high ankle sprains.

For a lateral ankle sprain to occur, the ankle is rolled outwardly on the foot. The injury results in stretching the ligaments on the outside of the foot. This can happen when sliding into a base or stepping into a hole in the outfield.

High ankle sprains, on the other hand, can happen when your foot is extremely forced upward or downward.

For example when a player jammed their foot into a base while sliding or getting the cleat stuck in the ground while trying to move towards the ball.


As such there are a number of factors as to why these problems occur to players of either sport. Some of these are:

Footwear: Sports cleats are by their sheer design, detrimental to the support of your ankles. Anytime that you wear footwear that causes your foot to be further from the ground, you create instability.

Stability: Baseball and softball fields are not always very level or stable. Unless you are playing for a professional team, most outfields have divots.

Plus over time the dirt soon becomes uneven. These type of inconsistencies in the ground can lead to a misstep or a rolled ankle.

Mobility: Due to the nature of the sport of baseball or softball, you are constantly moving and rotating, stepping on things, and sliding.

The demand for ankle mobility is very high. Not having enough mobility in your ankles can make it easy to injure yourself.


When it comes to the treatment of a sprained ankle the typical methods of treatment are fairly simple.

Depending on the severity of the sprain treatments can include rest, ice, and perhaps physical therapy for strengthening and increased mobility.

An additional method for helping the recovery from an ankle sprain is by using tape and braces.

Using items like these can help athletes and people active in sports to better protect their ankles when participating in rigorous activities.

3 Best Ankle Brace for Baseball and Softball

In baseball or softball, there are some common core issues surrounding a sprained ankle. Generally, it has to do with a lack of ankle stability and/or mobility.

Bracing your ankle while sporting can, however, help in preventing these injuries.

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