3 Best Waterproof Ankle Brace for Swimming & Surfing

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Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts you can do to increase your strength, stamina, and overall well being.

Like any physical activity, swimming and surfing can cause injury or exacerbate existing ones.

Learning what to expect in terms of an injury and what to expect in terms of how to deal with the injury will get you back in the pool faster and keep you on your tight training schedule.

Be sure to listen to your body, stop when it needs to spot, and if something feels like it has popped or pulled, don’t be a hero.

Get out of the pool and do a system check on yourself and only jump back into your workout if you are comfortable doing so.

As always, check with your primary care physician to see if you are healthy enough to start using swimming as aerobic exercise.

If you are injured be sure to check with your trainer or rehabilitation specialist in order before adding swimming to your recovery.

Causes of Ankle Pain after Swimming

While many of the injuries typical of swimming and surfing are found in the upper body, ankle pain from swimming is quite common as a lower-body injury.

The main root of ankle pain from swimming is the failure of the swimmer to relax the foot as it re-enters the water during their strokes.

An ankle joint held tightly slapped against the water in repetition throughout a workout will lead to increased pain.

Not only can it lead to pain, but the more often you hold your foot tight throughout your stroke, the higher the likelihood is that you can hit your foot wrong and this could lead to a sprain.

This is no different than landing awkwardly in basketball or hitting the base awkwardly in baseball.

For more advanced training when you flip and go to kick off the wall, it is possible that you hit your foot awkwardly or rolled it underwater as you went to turn and push off the edge of the pool and begin your return back down the pool.

Continuing once you hear a pop or feel pain along your ankle is not a sign of good training but a sign of ignoring one’s own needs.

3 Best Waterproof Ankle Brace for Swimming

Wearing an ankle brace for water sports like swimming, surfing, diving, and others can help your feet stay protected.

However, picking the right one that delivers maximum benefits can be often tough for athletes.

For your help we have reviewed some of the best options available on Amazon. These are completely water proof and are specifically designed for sporting in water.

1- BraceAbility Neoprene Water-Resistant Ankle Brace