How To Wear An Ankle Brace With Your Shoes?

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If you have injured your ankle and it requires a brace, then finding the right one that fits with your shoes can be a challenge.

For the most part, shoes are designed to provide a solid, comfortable fit without the presence of an ankle brace.

In addition, many ankle braces tend to be bulky and difficult to wear with a shoe present.

Solving the issue of wearing an ankle brace with a shoe can be performed in three steps.

  1. First of all, you will need to find the right type of shoe.
  2. Then you must select the ankle brace that works best with the shoe.
  3. And finally, you will need to take the proper steps to ensure that the shoe and ankle brace work well together when you are on your feet.
Ankle Brace With Shoes

Let us discuss all these steps in detail below, which will help simplify the process for you…

Choose the Right Shoes

Wearing the right pair of shoes starts with choosing a pair that is right for your feet.

Just because you need an ankle brace does not mean they need for the shoes has changed.

They must still be properly fitted, provide good support, and be comfortable if you want to maintain the health and protection of your feet.

Because you are now wearing an ankle brace, you must consider shoes that not only provide the support you need but also how they will be affected by the ankle brace both directly and indirectly.

What kind of shoes to wear with an ankle brace?

While it may be obvious how the ankle brace affects the shoe on the same foot, you have to consider how your weight, balance, and walking will be affected by the other foot.

Your body will naturally rely more on the healthy leg to carry more weight, so you must consider that when getting the right pair of shoes.

Avoid Rigid Materials:

While most shoes are made with soft, flexible materials such as nylon or leather, you’ll want to avoid shoes that use rigid materials.

For example, materials such as plastics might cause even more aggravation to your ankle injury and should be avoided.

Avoid Loose Materials:

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll want to avoid materials that are too flexible and do not provide enough support.

The purpose of the ankle brace is to keep the foot in place so the ankle can heal properly.

Choose Sneakers:

It’s probably not surprising that sneakers are recommended as the proper shoe when wearing a supportive ankle brace.

This is because a good pair of sneakers is made from durable, flexible materials that are designed to be comfortable.

Remember that there are differences in sneakers as they are designed for different activities. You may want to avoid running shoes as they are lightweight and designed for increased flexibility.

Start with a Larger Shoe:

This may sound counterintuitive initially, but an oversized shoe that still fits well around the ankle may offer the support you need while keeping your feet comfortable.

If anything, it is better to go with a shoe that is a little too large instead of one that might be too small.

You may need to experiment with different shoe sizes at this point, so start with the one that is a half-size larger than normal and go from there.

Loosen the Laces:

Shoes with laces are desirable because you can better set the tightness surrounding your foot.

If you have suffered from a severe injury, then you’ll want to keep the laces loose so the blood flow remains good.

When it’s about picking the best shoes to wear with an ankle brace, pair of sneakers about a half-size larger than normal with laces is generally the best place to start.

You can check some of the best available options on Amazon here if you want.

Choose the Right Ankle Brace

Ankle braces tend to be bulky, so you’ll want to select one that is slimmer and tighter while providing the same support.

Thick ankle braces only mean that you will have far more difficulty wearing the right shoes.


The ankle brace should be measured to your foot and not the shoe.

Find the right one that fits around your foot, and you can walk comfortably without wearing shoes.

✅ Surface:

A smooth, even surface is needed to wear your ankle brace with a shoe.

Avoid those with uneven surfaces, flaps, and knots which only make it more difficult.

Try Different Ones:

While ankle braces have the same function, they come in several different styles and brands.

This means that you should rule out the braces that are too bulky, too large, and have an uneven surface.

After that, look over the ones that fit your criteria and then try them on to see how they feel. Do not get into a rush; it is okay to take your time at this stage.

Steps for Wearing the Shoes over Ankle Brace

Now that you have the right shoes and ankle brace, here are a few tips to help you combine both comfortably.

STEP # 1. Take Away the Lower Side Strap on the Ankle Brace

This strap cannot be used when wearing shoes.

STEP # 2. Put the Strap on the Shoe

Lift the insole and put the bottom of the ankle brace inside. If you are going to wear it all day, you’ll need to put the strap in that place.

STEP # 3. Put on the Shoe

Insert your foot slowly to protect against the injury. You do not want to move the ankle brace as it supports the injury.

Once your foot is inside the shoe, tighten the laces as much as needed, secure the top strap of the ankle brace, stand up, and take a few steps.

Remember to go slowly when you first do this, as you may need to walk around all day.

It will not feel right initially, so take a few steps back and forth to get the blood flowing and spot any potential issues.

Finding the most comfortable way to wear your shoes with an ankle brace may take a few minutes, but the effort will be well worth it.

Just be sure you are as comfortable as possible before starting your day.

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