10 Best Shoe Insoles for Athletes with Flat Feet and Ankle Pain

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While there are specially built shoes for athletes or those who lead an active lifestyle to address their flat feet and those suffering from ankle pain, inserts are less expensive and often more effective.

This means that you can purchase the right type of shoes for your needs and buy the proper inserts separately.

For athletes, those who compete in the distance events, or those who enjoy running or jogging as exercise, getting the right insoles can make all the difference.

This is why understanding the benefits provided by the right insoles or inserts for your shoes is important to the health and wellbeing of your feet, ankles, knees, legs, hips, and even your back.

Benefits of Shoe Inserts for Runners

As an athlete or a runner, there are considerable advantages to using the right inserts in your shoes, especially for flat feet.

However, to gain the full benefits you will need to get the insoles that fully address the issues that affect your feet.

A few advantages offered by best athletic shoe insoles are:

1- Arch Support: Proper arch support means that your feet keep their proper shape. The right insoles for flat feet will fill the gap between the sole of the shoe and the top of the arch in your feet.

Without the proper arch support, you will feel increased pain and in some cases collapse of the arch, which can cause significant issues in the feet.

2- Impact Resistance: Next to the proper arch support is lessening the impact of the feet against hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

Even running on hard ground can have a negative impact. The right insoles reduce that impact significantly. This means you feel less tired and more energetic after a run.

Plus, any long-term damage to your feet from the repeated impact is lessened considerably.

3- Less Wear on the Joints: While muscles can recover, ligaments and tendons are different.

This is why wearing the right insoles helps lessen the wear and tear on the joints. Your ankles and knees will not be as sore after a run when wearing the right insoles.

It should be noted that the proper insoles are not a panacea. While they provide excellent protection, you will need to change to new ones when needed.

Plus, you’ll need to watch for signs of injury if you decide to press yourself harder when running because you now have the additional protection.

10 Best Shoe Insoles for Athletes with Flat Feet

Picking an ideal pair of athletic shoe insoles is most important when you want to give your best performance on the field.

So here are a few popular brands and pieces you can rely on…

1- Dr. Foot’s Orthotics Insoles