4 Essentials To Protect Your Ankles While Skateboarding

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There is little doubt about the fun, excitement, and thrill of skateboarding.

Whether you are competing at a high-level event or rolling down the sidewalk on the way to the store, skateboarding is a phenomenon that still has a stronghold on the young and the young at heart.

To perfect the art of skateboarding requires skills, athletic ability, and dedication.

However, skateboarding can also be dangerous. While serious injuries are relatively few and far between, minor injuries ranging from bruises to dislocations are quite common.

Ankle injures skateboarding

Is Skateboarding Bad for Your Ankles?

Skateboarding can be hard on your ankles.

And if you are performing tricks rather than casual skating, it can be very hard.

The damage (such as sprains or even fracture) made to your ankles and feet is majorly due to the repetitive stress that is developed when you jump or perform the tricks.

A few other most common skateboarding injuries may also include: 

  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Foot, ankle, or lower leg fractures
  • Neuroma or a pinched nerve in the foot

4 Ways to Prevent Skateboarding Ankle Injuries

The ankles are most vulnerable because they have to bear so much of the weight in terms of balancing and propelling the skateboard.

One slip, one false step, and you may find yourself with a sprained ankle.

Plus, once you sprain your ankle, especially a high ankle sprain, the more vulnerable you are to ankle sprains in the future.

This is why for those who frequently ride a skateboard you should consider wearing the proper protection which begins with the socks.

1- Skateboarding Socks