7 Best Magnetic Shoe Inserts/Insoles for Healing Painful Feet

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The use of “Magnets” in wellness and medicine dates back to the 15th century to cure various ailments of the body.

Since then, medical magnets have been highly demanding to relieve foot pain and tired feet.

For people suffering from foot inflammation, which includes swelling of capillaries, wearing magnetic insoles is said to be highly beneficial in providing pain relief.

The insoles are scientifically designed and use more than 300 massage points on each foot, including strategically placed magnets, to help cool and soothe, boost endurance, and relieve overall body pain.

What Are Magnetic Insoles?

Magnetic insoles are shoe inserts designed to provide static magnet energy to the wearer.

It is believed to promote good blood circulation and increase the oxygen flow in the legs and feet.

Several medical studies have proved that “foot magnets” works as an effective therapeutic treatment.

This specially designed insole has unique therapeutic characteristics which are the combination of acupressure, reflexology, and magnetic therapies to curb chronic pain.

These healing magnets for feet in the form of insoles easily fit into any shoe, i.e., women’s sizes 7 – 12 and men’s sizes 6 – 12, and are easy to transfer from one shoe to another.

When walking in the insoles, it offers gentle and effective stimulation to the feet providing good feet massage.

Benefits of Magnetic Insoles

Magnetic Shoe Insoles seem to have certain healing powers and give a magic boost to body energies.

1- Advantages for Athletes

The magnetic insoles offer the utmost assistance to athletes and joggers, owing to their unique properties and functions.

As an athlete’s feet experience heavy stress while running, these insoles soothe muscles and reduce the stress.

Folks who are into sporting do benefit from walking/running about on magnetic insoles, as it stimulates real changes in the body that reduce leg/foot ailments.

2- Good for Circulation and Pain Relief

The ordinary insoles, when compared with magnetic insoles, show that about 45% of the people who choose to wear magnetic insoles were experiencing a decrease in foot pain.

The magnets strategically placed over the acupressure point helped reduce the tiredness and swelling in the feet during the day, especially for those suffering from arthritis.

It promotes good blood flow that ensures more oxygen which reaches the capillaries. Hence, it relieves the pain resulting from muscular atrophy and tension through increased oxygen flow.

Furthermore, it has been shown effective in reducing pain and curing medical conditions like peripheral neuropathy, where numbness, tingling, or burning sensations result from nerve trauma.

These insoles are also beneficial to those suffering from plantar fasciitis, leg or foot inflammation, foot infections, leg/foot injuries, Achilles tendonitis, and other different types of foot/leg-related discomfort.

Additionally, the insoles also help in relieving pain emanating from tired muscles of the feet.

Easy to clean as well

Other than wearing these massaging shiatsu acupressure insoles inside your shoe, you even get the opportunity to wash these insoles as many times as you want.

Washing these insoles on time can further help in increasing their working ability and can address multiple needs. 

Just place it inside your orthopedic shoes after the cleanup, and it will last for a long.

7 Best Magnetic Insoles for Shoes

Athletes are keen on buying magnetic insoles because the insoles have proved to be great in providing shock absorbency, ensuring that the participants are the most comfortable while playing their game.

If you are into sporting, traveling a lot, or trying hard to get relief from painful feet, using one of the insoles below can help you a lot.

Check our detailed magnetic insoles reviews below before you buy them online.

1- Nikken Magnetic Insoles

These insoles by Nikken are patented and designed out of Dynaflux technology that offers the wearer 100% coverage and an intense magnetic field.

The mStrides Insoles are extremely comfortable and are said to be highly beneficial in relieving pain like arthritis, carpal tunnel, swelling, foot inflammation, etc. These can be trimmed according to the fit.

Nikken 1 mStrides insoles 20201 act like a magnetic field generator when you wear the shoes. These insoles provide 100% magnetic coverage at multiple angles, which act as acupressure.

These insoles are scientifically designed and use more than 300 massage points on each foot, including strategically placed magnets, to help cool and soothe, boost endurance, and relieve overall body pain.

The insole material is durable and doesn’t absorb moisture which makes it odor resistant, keeping the wearer’s feet fresh.

It requires minimal care; you can surface clean with the dampened cloth or can hand wash using a mild detergent.

These long-lasting best magnetic shoe inserts are available in men’s sizes ranging from 7-12. Make a promising purchase by buying it from Amazon with a money-back guarantee.

2- Promagnet Magnetic Shoe Inserts

Promagnet brand brings an insole that is 0.10 inches thick and equipped with an internal gauss rating of 2550 with active magnetic surface coverage.

The magnets are placed in an alternate pole design providing 100% full coverage to the foot. The nylon layer helps prevent the insoles from cracking and deteriorating.

Individuals suffering from poor circulation, diabetes, neuropathy, bone spurs, or plantar fasciitis can try these magnetic insoles that stimulate and circulate blood flow to the feet.

These magnetic foot pads are more effective than the normal ones in relieving numbness, tingling, and pain associated with the diabetes-related problem.

The customer reviews themselves suggest these insoles be the best at curing 80% of chronic pain.

The insoles are completely safe, natural, and most comfortable to wear the whole day, irrespective of any climatic conditions.

The non-slip nylon covering resists deterioration. Available in all Small/ Large /X-Large men’s sizes at Amazon with a money-back guarantee.

3- BillyTheTree Magnetics Shoe Insoles

Magnetic shoe insoles by BillyTheTree are widely recommended by medical practitioners and are believed to reduce foot aches very efficiently.

These magnetic insoles for shoes are also known for curing various foot and leg-related medical problems as it helps in increasing the blood circulation to the feet providing soothing pain relief.

The magnets are purposefully placed that raise the nodes that stimulate the reflexology points, alleviating mild to moderate foot discomfort and rejuvenating the entire body.

The raised areas give arch support while 250 air holes provide ventilation, keeping your feet odor-free and cool. Being drug-free, it poses zero side effects and no health risks. All you enjoy is its long-term health benefits.

Bring therapy right to your feet which is affordable and effective. These Magnetic foot insoles give you wellness from the soles to the upper parts of your body.

Available at Amazon in desired sizes for both men and women, additionally it can be trimmed as per the fit.

4- Shoe Massage Gel Insoles Magnetic by slimtoes

Massage gel insoles by Fenta slimtoes help relieve discomforts in the feet and legs and energize and strengthen the body.

This ensures deep penetrating magnetic stimulation to the feet, enhancing the blood circulation in your feet. These magnetic insoles are flexible and durable inserts for your shoes.

The massage gel insoles have 8 cooling magnets that produce gentle magnetic waves, providing dynamic support to the foot muscles.

The high shock-absorbing gel provides superior comfort and keeps you feeling energized all day. Your feet will perform better as it helps in enhancing and promoting blood circulation.

If you have been complaining of back pain, ankle, knees, hip, or feet, these massaging gel insoles enhance your body’s performance and efficiency while reducing pain and fatigue.

These orthotic insoles are designed to improve comfort and reduce injury; this is really good for those who are spending long hours standing at work.

These massage gel insoles are made with rubber, which easily takes the shape of the feet, and the soft blue gel cushions the arch providing support and comfort.

These insoles are designed to perform hence ensuring that your structure is aligned while giving comfort and all-day-long pain relief. Available in both Men’s and Ladies’ sizes at Amazon.

5- Magnetic Foam Insoles by Austin Medical Equipment

These magnetic foam insoles give your feet an extra energy boost with integrated magnets providing natural therapy, bringing you a better sense of wellness.

Give your feet a treat with these super-soft insoles delivering the power of improved blood circulation and effective shock absorption.

The magnetic green foam insoles are extremely comfortable and soft to wear. 

The insole is about 11” inches cushioned long, featuring 8 strategically placed 800 Gauss magnets, massaging your feet by stimulating the reflexology points when you walk.

These assorted-sized magnets can be trimmed to fit any size foot. The green foam insoles are made of foam and terry and are latex-free.

The benefits of the magnetic foam insoles are endless; no foot aches, pain-free ankles, a healthy back, and happy hips, not to mention your shoes are long-lasting.

Made out of premium foam memory EVA gel material, durable, BPA-free, and easy to clean and maintain.

It fits both men and women. You can order online from Amazon, which comes with a money-back guarantee.

6- Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles by MAGNETJEWELRYSTORE

These magnetic insoles are unique therapeutic products that combine both magnetic therapy and reflexology to stimulate blood circulation and metabolism.

It supports your foot arch, relieves your tired feet as well as helps in relieving you from foot and leg-related problems.

These best magnetic insoles use modern magnetic reflex technology combined with centuries-proven acupressure to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue and chronic back pain.

The magnet can further provide a soothing massage and relaxation to your tired feet. These elastic insoles have tiny breathable vents.

The insoles by MAGNETJEWELRYSTORE are comfortable, soft, and long-lasting, irrespective of any climatic conditions.

These magnetic shoe inserts are tailorable and cut to size if needed. They are ideal for businessmen or for people too busy to find time to exercise.

The orthotics insoles are labeled MJS and verified to be authentic by Amazon. The unisex insole pair is available in all sizes at Amazon with a money-back guarantee.

7- Samwoo Anti-Odor Acupressure Copper Magnetic Massage Shoe Insoles

Sam woo anti-odor acupressure copper magnetic massage shoe insoles are designed particularly for everyone who suffers from sore feet, pain, swelling, etc.

The insole serves 2 purposes, one is to massage the feet, and the other is to keep the shoe odor-free.

The insoles with magnets are covered with nodules that apply gentle pressure to the acupressure points on your feet.

The magnets are embedded in the insoles, further promoting blood circulation, and the air holes keep your feet odor-free and dry.

These copper insoles are easy to insert into shoes. They feature thin rubbery copper magnetic massagers on the surface.

Therefore, while walking, these small acupressure massagers rub the sole gently and exert pressure on the specific pressure points to relieve pain and prevent the sole from getting hard.

The good thing is these copper fit insoles get easily contoured to the shape of your feet for full comfort and arch support.

Features of a Good Magnetic Shoe Insert

According to many magnetic insoles reviews provided by real customers, they failed to achieve the claimed benefits.

This is generally because they picked the wrong product that comes cheap with low quality.

The best magnetic insole should include the following significant features, which you should look at before buying:

Foam material

The magnetic insole should be of premium quality foam. The only high-quality foam will mold it into the shape of your feet, giving you maximum comfort and relief while walking.

Gauss strength

When we consider the strength of the magnet, there are several measurements that contribute in various ways.

Gauss is a measurement that states the strength of the magnetic field. The higher the Guass units present in the insole, the stronger the effect.

Proper heel height

For individuals already suffering from Plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, placing an orthotic insole with a slight lift under the heels will act as a support in relieving the heel pain.

Avoid getting a heightened insole if you already suffer from soreness or tired feet; it will put more strain on your feet.

Acupressure ballpoints

Wearing and walking in a magnetic insole relieves any foot pain and ache.

Made with the multiple-point touch, when pressed against the specific points of the foot, it relieves the pain. It also eases tension and cramps.

The insole targets the nerve endings; as a result, you will feel less pain, increase blood circulation and effectively stimulate relief from the pain.

Magnetic arrangements

Make sure to check the magnetic arrangement in your insole. It should not increase discomfort and pain to the wearer.

People suffering from bunion or foot injury should avoid buying insoles with magnets which increases the inflammation.

✅ Dynaflax magnetic technology

When buying magnetic insoles care that you pick the ones that are made out of Nikken’s patented DynaFlux technology.

This is a unique technology that guarantees you 100% coverage. The insole designed out of this technology is also great in providing shock absorbency.

Factors To Consider When Buying These Inserts

Now, when you know what the benefits offered by shiatsu acupressure insoles are, you may be planning to buy one!

But before you buy them online make sure that you know about the right kind of magnetic acupressure insole features as well that can help you get the benefits.

Arch Support

The arches of your feet could be medium, low, or high. You should pick after knowing which one is good for you.

Like if you are suffering from problems like flat feet, you should be selecting shoe inserts that are specially designed for flat feet. Too low or too high can create severe pain in your feet.


After deciding the kind of arch you have, you should also find out how much firm support you want.

Insoles can be rigid and semi-rigid, meaning little flexibility and high flexibility, respectively. Or it could be cushioned, either all over or slightly higher at the arch

If you are on your foot for the most part of the day, you may be comfortable in a cushion arch support.

However, if you have any problem with your feet, like supination, and you need stability, then you should get a rigid or semi-rigid insole.

Shape and Size

You should focus equally on the insole shape and the footwear shape. A narrow shoe insert/insole may not be a good selection for a broad pair of boots.

Similarly, imagine how firmly your shoes fit at present? If they are a little large, then get thicker acupressure insoles for you.  If your boots are too big, then go for the insoles that are best for large boots.

Shoes that fit you correctly in the present scenario will serve you well with a low-profile shoe insert.

Though you may find it obvious, remember to remove the present insoles from your shoes before placing the new ones.

There are some massaging insoles that are trimmed to fit, while there are some designed to fit your boot size out of the packet.

Hence, you should select the right shape and size to get a comfortable fit and feel.

Magnetic Foot Insoles: Frequently Asked Questions

The unique thing about these acupressure shoe insoles is that they can easily fit into any form of the shoe which you already own.

This means you do not even have to buy any specially designed shoes – these insoles are flexible enough to fit into any shoe you are regularly wearing.

But before you go ahead and plan to buy these acupressure insoles for your shoes, let’s have a look at some of the questions you may have in mind.

Q: How long do these magnetic insoles last?

A: For a person with a normal wearing habit, a high-quality magnetic insole should last for up to 6 months.

However, with some care and maintenance, you can even make them last longer for up to 9-12 months.

Care that cheap insole may wear out pretty soon and may not be a long-run investment. So, you should always choose the best one you can afford.

Q: Can I put my magnetic insoles on top of another insole?

A: Putting your magnetic insoles in your shoes correctly is very important to get the maximum benefits out of it.

While there is nothing wrong with putting them on other insoles, in general, it will depend on the thickness of your insoles and shoes.

If there is enough room for a new foot insole to accommodate your shoe, you can use it without a problem.

But if you feel there is no room and you insert them above the old one, it can make you feel hurt.

In that case, you should remove the old foot insoles before placing the new ones.

Q: Do any of these foot insoles fit perfectly with my shoes?

A: Many of them can fit, but most of them will not unless you get a customized pair for your size.

If you do not want to pay extra for the customized pairs, it’s good to get a size that is larger than your shoe.

You may trim them easily at home (from the toe side) before putting them in your shoes.

Q: Are there any side effects of magnetic insoles?

A: People often don’t see any side effects of magnetic field therapies. And those reported majorly include pain, dizziness, and nausea.

Q: Can you use magnetic insoles for neuropathy?

A: Sadly, there are some people who shouldn’t use magnets as an alternative treatment.

The list comprises pregnant women and anyone who is using a pacemaker, insulin pump, or some kind of electric implant.

However, you can consult a medical practitioner to find out whether you can use magnetic insoles or not.

Going for it after consulting is always a wise and safe idea.

Q: Can you lose weight with the help of magnetic insoles?

A: Well, there is no scientific proof that reveals that magnets in insoles help in weight loss.

However, there are a lot of people who are using magnetic fields to lose weight.

It may be a placebo effect. Like, if you continuously think that something is aiding you in your fight to lose weight and affecting your mindset, it may work for you.

However, it depends on one condition that it is not causing any harm to you, and then you shall definitely give it a try.

Q: Can you get relieved osteoarthritis by using static magnets in insoles?

A: We have already stated before that there is very little scientific proof when you talk about the use of a static magnet for relief in osteoarthritis.

However, as per indications, magnetic therapy may work, although more research is needed in this field.


Magnetic insoles have been widely prescribed by doctors and physiotherapists today.

Because of its unique healing properties, people have been able to say goodbye to their several ailments like foot ache, Achilles tendonitis, swelling, tiredness, soreness, and more.

The good thing is that these insoles for shoes can be ordered online, ensuring that it comes equipped with the above-mentioned features.

Why not get them for your footwear now and stay healthy.

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