7 Best Magnetic Shoe Inserts/Insoles for Healing Painful Feet

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The use of “Magnets” in wellness and medicine dates back to the 15th century in curing various ailments of the body. Since then medical magnets were high in demand to relieve foot pain and tired feet.

For people suffering from feet inflammation, which includes swelling of capillaries, wearing magnetic insoles are said to be highly beneficial in providing pain relief.

The insoles are scientifically designed which uses more than 300 massage points on each foot, including strategically placed magnets, to help cool and soothe, boost endurance, and relieve overall body pain.

What Are Magnetic Insoles?

Magnetic insoles are the shoe inserts designed to provide static magnet energy to the wearer. It is believed to promote good blood circulation as well as increase oxygen to flow in the legs and feet.

Several medical studies have proved that “foot magnets” works as an effective therapeutic treatment.

This specially designed insole has unique therapeutic characteristics which are the combination of acupressure, reflexology, and magnetic therapies to curb chronic pain.

These healing magnets for feet in the form of insoles easily fit into any shoe i.e. women sizes 7 – 12 and men sizes 6 – 12; and easy to transfer from one shoe to another.

When walking in the insoles; it offers gentle and effective stimulation to the feet providing good feet massage.

Benefits of Magnetic Insoles

Magnetic Shoe Insoles seem to have certain healing powers and give a magic boost to body energies.

1- Advantages for Athletes

The magnetic insoles offer the utmost assistance to athletes and joggers owing to their unique properties and functions. As an athlete’s feet experience heavy stress while running, these insoles soothe muscles and reduce the stress.

Folks who are into sporting do benefit from walking/running about on magnetic insoles; as it stimulates real changes in the body that reduce leg/feet ailments.

2- Good for Circulation and Pain Relief

The ordinary insoles when compared with magnetic insoles; show that about 45% of the people who choose to wear magnetic insole were experiencing a decrease in foot pain.

The magnets strategically placed over the acupressure point helped in reducing the tiredness and swelling in the feet during the day, especially for those suffering from arthritis.

It promotes good blood flow that ensures more oxygen which reaches the capillaries hence; it relieves from the pain resulting from muscular atrophy and tension through increased oxygen flow.

Furthermore; it has been showing effective in reducing pain and curing medical conditions like peripheral neuropathy where numbness, tingling, or burning sensations result from nerve trauma.

These insoles are also beneficial to those suffering from plantar fasciitis, leg or feet inflammation, feet infections, leg/feet injuries, Achilles tendonitis, and other different types of feet/leg related discomfort.

Additionally; the insoles also help in relieving pain emanating from tired muscles of the feet.

Easy to clean as well

Other than wearing these massaging shiatsu acupressure insoles inside your shoe, you even get the opportunity to wash these insoles, as many times you want.

Washing these insoles on time can further help in increasing its working ability and can address multiple needs. 

Just place it inside your orthopedic shoes after the cleanup and it will last for long.

7 Best Magnetic Insoles for Shoes

Athletes are keen on buying magnetic insoles because the insoles have proved to be great in providing shock absorbency ensuring that the participants are the most comfortable while playing their game.

If you are into sporting, travel a lot or trying hard to get the relief from painful feet, using one of the insoles below can help you a lot.

Check our detailed magnetic insoles reviews below before you buy them online.

1- Nikken Magnetic Insoles