What Are Lifts in Shoes – What Does It Do?

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what are shoe lifts

Shoe lifts are rubber-based soles that can be inserted beneath the shoes to make you reach a certain height.

Shoe lifts are available in various shapes and sizes and are used by all and sundry.

There are usually three common types of materials used to manufacture shoe lifts.

1- Cork Lift

The first is the cork lift which is very attractive for certain types of shoes and is also very inexpensive.

Though these are light in weight, there is no fear of them getting crushed under the weight of your foot.

Covered with a vinyl or leather surface, abrasion is eliminated, and the life expectancy of such cork heels is increased.

This acts as a perfect cushion for your foot and can be placed under or above the insole, which provides the required elevation and height rather than bounce.

2- Solid Plastic Lifts

These shoe lifts are more durable than the cork shoe lift and can use extensively and for heavy purposes as well, like men’s shoes.

The plastic has various firmness, but the ideal firmness should be within fifty to sixty.

Anything softer will mean the loss of height and also cause the feet to rub against the shoe, causing discomfort in walking.

As these can be placed beneath the insole, it provides the required height and not compressibility. The injection-molded plastic shoe lifts are better than cast as it produces consistent thickness, which provides a better shape.

More durability and effectiveness have also made this material popular among manufacturers.

3- Foam Rubber Shoe Lifts

Foam rubber shoe lifts are widely used and are supplied with a fabric or leather top surface.

It can be placed directly under the insole and can provide an elevation of no more than 9mm.

These lifts are best for short-term use and are often used to rectify leg length discrepancy for a short period.

Therefore, when you want to use shoe lifts for yourself, you should consider the pros and cons of all the different types of materials used and make an informed choice.

What Can Shoe Lifts Do?

Shoe lifts are particularly useful when someone is looking for increased heights to be attained.

Used particularly for fashion purposes, shoe lifts can actually add up to 2 inches of height.

It provides convenience to people who are preferable of a smaller height, but the items are largely used for a reason to promote fashionable shoe wear.

At the same time, shoe lifts can be convenient enough to be trimmed based on the sizes of shoes that you prefer.

Shoe lifts showcased by branded companies can be remarkably relaxing and can be adjusted to your feet as well.

Shoe lifts, which are manufactured by branded organizations, can be versatile with a top-quality fiber sheet used on the upper surface for protection.

Often such items are provided with a detachable lower heel for adjustment with your feet, providing complete comfort and convenience.

Fashionable shoe lifts are widely available, and in many a case, shoplifts can be used for fashion purposes.

How to Put On the Shoe Lifts?

To put on shoe lifts, you need to loosen the shoe strips. Then the shoe lifts can be put within or beneath the sole.

Experts suggest that you immediately need to wear the shoes to find out whether the wear is comfortable. 

Please note that in case the shoe lifts actually fits in, there is hardly any need to trim the same. Once the shoe lift is inserted, then the shoe strips can be tightened to promote a better grip.

Shoe lifts can be preferably purchased from branded operators. These items are sensitive enough and therefore must be carefully sized to provide complete comfort and convenience.

Prices of such items are competitive, and simultaneously these items are widely available in the Indian market.

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