What Causes Ankle Pain After Running?

Ankle pain after running is a very common condition affecting people these days.  Not only athletes, but even common people get affected with this painful condition. They may experience this type of pain just after their regular jogging or running exercise.

It has been estimated that long-term sequelae from ankle sprains occurs in up to 50 percent of patients who have ankle ligament injuries.

Ankle pain after running is usually deep, dull ache which is painful while touching. This type of condition aggravates with walking, standing, running and foot and ankle motions.

Causes and Prevention Tips

Ankle pain after running has number of possible causes. It won’t be surprising to say that continuously wearing worn-out and unsupportive sneakers is one of the most common reasons for ankle discomfort for runners which occurs after running, jogging and exercising.

Believe me; new sneaks would not only be a great investment for your health just like your fitness coach, gym membership but also can save you good deal of money in long run which you may otherwise need to invest with your doctor.

Keep in mind that taking care of body means taking good care of your feet too. So don’t be stingy in purchasing quality footwear. Wear proper shoes as they are essential for good running.

Having tight muscles in your feet is another cause of ankle discomfort ultimately leading to ankle pain after running. For getting relief from such condition, massage your feet with tennis or lacrosse ball after and before your running session.

Massaging muscles not only brings relief from pain to your feet and ankles but also prevents strains and pulls in your calves and ankles.

Lack of structured motion in foot is one other most common causes of ankle pain after running. You might think that you may be getting enough of it while running but running or jogging takes place in linear path.

Ankle pain after running is at times a sure shot sign of a past, unresolved injury in foot such as ankle sprain.  Perform quality warm-up and cool down session as it prevents injury by prepares body for exercising by improving body’s muscle flexibility.

Ankle overuse injuries also cause ankle pain after running. For this, one should give body ample rest so that one can recover in-between running sessions. If you have not got relived from previous run soreness, then stretch the surrounding muscles and wait until the soreness totally goes away before starting your another running session.


If ankle pain after running occurs, apply ice on the affected area for 20 minutes several times in a day. This cold therapy magically lessens pain and swelling associated with it.

But if you are experiencing numbness or tingling sensation, avoid use of ice pack as they can cause tissue damage.

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