What Are The Common Broken Ankle Symptoms?

Broken ankle is a severe painful injury. It causes tremendous ankle pain, discomfort to sufferer and restrict his or her mobility totally or partially.

Broken ankle is commonly known as ankle fracture.  Even small things like- dropping something on your foot, taking any wrong step, twisting or rolling over onto your ankle can cause ankle to fracture. Even auto accidents can sometimes to lead to broken ankle problem.

All those who are osteoporotic or obese are at greater risk of broken ankle problem. Also people who participate into high impact sporting activities or uses poorly manufactured exercise equipments may suffer from this medical condition in a greater amount.

Major Causes of Broken Ankles:

  • Unnatural twisting or rotation of the ankle joint,
  • Fall from a huge height,
  • Pressure injury, and
  • Impact injury during any accidents, etc.

But what are broken ankle symptoms?

Check out different symptoms of broken ankle to get more knowledge over the topic.

Ankle Pain: This is one of the most prominent symptoms of broken ankle.  Just like breaking of any bone in body, breaking of bones in ankle is very painful.

Bruising: When after an injury, especially fracture, blood gets collected in the surrounding tissues of affected area it leads to bruising.  As blood profuse out from injured area or surrounding soft tissues, it passes towards superficial layers of your skin. After accumulating outside the vascular system, blood cells lose oxygen and become dark in color. Blood vessels acquire blue or purple hues due to inadequacy of blood in tissue.

Swelling: when the problem of broken ankle occurs, it may also affect the surrounding tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. When these structures get badly affected, they bleed profusely. The blood comes out of bone marrow as well due to injury.  It thus, causes noteworthy swelling not only on the affected area but also on the area surrounding the injury.

Deformity: the significant types of injuries can cause some level of deformity in an ankle bone.  The ankle is regarded as a stable joint, but when it gets broken from both the sides, it may become de-stabilized and slip from its original position thus causing deformity.

Deformity in any form can badly disrupt blood supply to foot and toe area of body. Keep in mind that restoration of alignment is definitely very important to prevent any kind of permanent vascular damage.

It is very important to keep a note of these broken ankle symptoms so that due medical attention can be taken on time for early healing of broken ankle.

Management of Broken Ankle:

The first aid protocol in case of broken ankle is RICE therapy.

  • R – Rice
  • I – Ice massage
  • C – Compress
  • E – Elevation

Followed by the RICE therapy, the patient’s ankle joint will be applied with POP (Plaster of Paris). The POP keeps the joint stable and it provides good rest to the ankle joint without any further movements in it. The POP should be kept for at least 30 to 45 days depends on the grade of fracture.

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