Can You Swim with Water Shoes On?

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swim in water shoes

Of course, water shoes allow you to swim, but you need to pick the right one for it. They should function like water shocks than water shoes.

The water shoes used for swimming should be very light. Also, it should provide comfort fit along with amazing drainage.

Many swimmers believe that swimming is a serious act, and if you swim without a swimsuit or the recommended equipment, you may be prone to specific threats. 

Usually, when you keep the clothes and shoes while swimming, these are known to absorb water and retain it, thereby making your body heavier and slowing your pace.

Even with your swimsuit on but the wrong shoes on your feet, you will swim abruptly and much slower in comparison to when you are barefoot.

Therefore, your shoes don’t just make your feet heavier but also lessen the connectivity between water and your feet, forcing you to kick in a haphazard manner.

When performing such an activity with the wrong shoes, you will observe your water propulsion isn’t perfect at all, and you move ahead slowly and get more tired in a short span of time than you would have if you were without the shoes.

What Are the Benefits of Water Shoes While Swimming?

Well, the best solution is not to wear any shoes when you swim.

But if you want to, you should go with water shoes which are specifically designed to be used inside water.

They are thin, light in weight, and appear like another skin layer on your feet.

These are especially useful for divers who swim in the river or sea where the bottom is covered with sharp rocks and shells that may not be friendly enough to walk barefooted.

Hikers may also use these lightweight water shoes to prevent cutting or injuring their feet while hiking on snow or near areas like rivers and seas.

Few other advantages of using water shoes while swimming and hiking are:


The water shoes don’t obstruct your contact with the water as there is no absorbing, retaining, or inconvenience.

The materials which they are manufactured have tens and hundreds of wholes that provide you amazing drainage for the water to flow in and out of your shoes.


The wholes also help outside the water. The material helps your feet and shoes to dry up quicker in comparison to regular shoes. 

It is an essential point to consider when you think of cleaning and drying water shoes.

What Other Activities Can You Use Your Water Shoes For?

What was the purpose of the invention of water shoes?

Well, they were introduced as a solution to safeguard beachgoers from cutting their feet from any sharp metal, rock, or shells.

However, safety and convenience are just the only reason for the invention of water shoes.

Such shoes are highly versatile and are used for several activities.

1- Running

Water shoes are highly useful for pro runners who want to run in rainy weather.

Buying a pair of water shoes that offers a good fit and are light will be perfect for your running session if you do not want to stop your running activities due to bad weather conditions.  

2- Water aerobics

Wearing water shoes for aqua aerobics will give you great benefits. Being an intense water exercise, you need a good grip on it.

Apart from offering a good grip, water shoes are also lightweight and provide a comfy fit.

Who would want their water shoes to retain water and wobble? 

It will only add weight to your feet and make it difficult for you to perform movements in the water.

Another major part of water aerobics is swimming. It is recommended that you swim with a suitable pair of water shoes for good results.

3- Hiking and trekking

Hiking and trekking can be extremely strenuous activities, especially when you need to deal with rocky sea and river bottoms.

Water shoes offer durability and better support while performing these activities.

Such shoes will be helpful in water conditions like crossing a river.

However, it isn’t recommended to swim with these shoes as they get heavy and make swimming tough.

4- Rafting and kayaking

Be it kayaking, rafting, or canoeing; you should use light water shoes for these activities.

Being on a floating device makes it mandatory for you to use lighter equipment. These shoes are as same as the ones used for water aerobics.

They provide a comfy fit and breathability. However, they are considered better for swimming in comparison to hiking.

A major aspect to consider when buying rafting water shoes is that they should have a more solid sole to keep your feet secure from stony river beds. 

Quality Considerations When Buying Water Shoes for Your Activities

To keep your feet secure during underwater activities, you must ensure that your water shoes are made of high-quality material.

Make sure the material is resilient and strong and doesn’t add additional weight to your feet.

Check if the water shoes fit your feet like a pair of gloves on your hands.

Remember, if the shoes are small, they will be uncomfortable, and if they are big, they will not give you the security you need them to offer.

So, consider this aspect attentively, especially when you are buying online, as there is no chance to get a trial of the shoes.

It is important to note the length and width of the soles and the dimensions of water shoes.

Also, keep one thing in mind adjustable water shoes are more practical as you can fit the shoes as per your feet conveniently. 

If you like water activities, these shoes are highly recommended for you as they offer your feet an amazing grip and security.

The Conclusion

Swimming with shoes may be problematic for you when you don’t use the right water shoes for it.

But, now that you know so much about swimming with water shoes, you can make a good decision depending on your requirements and needs.

In case you want to buy swimming shoes, then go for the ones suitable. Check if they are light, comfy, and provide good drainage.

Make sure you do the right research in selecting the most suitable pair of shoes for your aqua activities.

Check out the reviews of water shoes as they offer a lot of important details that you should keep in mind while picking a good pair of shoes for yourself.

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