7 Awesome Benefits of Wearing Slippers at Home

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benefits of wearing slippers at home

Many of us like to keep our feet relaxed when at home.

And most of us think that remaining barefoot is one of the best ways to get them to feel relaxed.

The truth is, if you don’t like wearing slippers at home, then you will devoid yourself of some major benefits of wearing these house shoes.

I bet, once you know the benefits these slippers offer, you will surely love to enjoy wearing those comfy wonders and relax.

7 Benefits of Wearing Slippers at Home

If you need reasons to wear slippers or house shoes during the summer or cold season, here are seven of them mentioned for you.

1- Easy to slip on

Remember, cozy and comfortable slippers are simple to wear.

And since putting them in and out is so easy, the convenience you get by wearing the slippers at home is one major reason.

I love wearing them all the time – while working on my laptop, when in the kitchen, while gardening, and much more.

2- Help in keeping the home tidy

Your outside shoe soles have more bacteria than a toilet seat.

It has everything present on a dirty road, right from feces of animals, grime, dirt, and millions of unhealthy microorganisms that can enter your home if you don’t remove your shoes when coming in.

In order to keep your floors clean, make sure you remove your shoes before you enter your home and put on the awesome home slippers.

3- Enhances your productivity

Several studies have revealed that workers, housewives, athletes, and sportspeople can work very well when their feet are relaxed.

And, relaxation is signified by wearing a nice pair of good quality slippers indoors.

So, don a pair of slippers on your cold feet and then start working on your projects and see their positive effect.

4- Adds life to your socks

If you roam around in the house with your socks on, then you will wear them off in just a few days.

It is likely to cost you a lot in the long run. But, with slippers on, you can give more health and life to your socks.

5- Protects from bacterial and fungal infections

One of the reasons why spas give you slippers when you visit the pool or sauna is because they work as a protective agent and prevent diseases such as athlete’s foot or toenail fungus.

So, you don’t just need slippers to pamper yourself but also to keep your feet infection-free!

6- Helps you avoid household accidents

Your home flooring may be slippery, especially when you walk around wearing socks.

Slippers have a good grip on the soles, which lower your chances of falling and tripping, even if you are rushing for something. 

The only bad thing about wearing slippers is that you may have to eliminate your dangerous sock sliding activity. 

7- Lowers the risk of getting infected by cold and flu

Rather than just being an old man’s saying, now this phrase holds experts backing.

Cold feet enhance your chances of catching the flu or cold.

Studies showed that chilly feet don’t allow your body to competitively fight against illnesses and disease. 

Plus, the cold feet constrict the blood vessels of your nose.

The constriction prevents further loss of heat from the body and helps in keeping your body warm.

It further leads to whitening inside the noise and lowers blood flow to it, which eventually leads to the fall in the presence of white cells to fight the illness.

Keeping your feet cold also reduces the hair movement inside your nose which helps in filtering out the germs and also enhances the risk of getting ill during the cold season.

So, all in all, you should wear slippers to avoid getting sick, stay healthy, and feel awesome!

Wearing Slippers vs. Walking Bare Feet Indoors

In general, walking barefoot is convenient and is therefore encouraged at home.

Especially when you have very few people residing, no pets, and fewer visitors visiting your home, remaining bare feet is easy to maintain and also comfortable.

While bare feet walking is good for indoors, there may be a few disadvantages as well which you should know about.

These can be:

  • Can be dangerous and prone to injuries
  • Lack of extra protection and cushioning
  • Your feet prone to bacterial and fungal infections
  • It can be tough for people living in multi-story buildings
  • Discomfort caused due to rough floor textures or on stairs

If you are concerned about these issues, you may need to limit bare feet walking indoors.

Plus, you can develop a habit of using slippers on the hardwood flooring and floor tiles (like in the bathroom and kitchen).  

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