Are Rocker Bottom Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

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You may have heard of rocker bottom shoes and even seen them at the shoe and retail stores.

These shoes are usually shoes designed especially for people suffering from some kind of foot disorder.

And plantar fasciitis is one such problem in which the rocker bottom shoes prove useful.

But what are they, how do they work, and are they right for you if you suffer from conditions like plantar fasciitis?

Let’s try to answer all these questions in detail in the article below…

Rocker Bottom Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

What are Rocker Bottom Shoes?

This is a type of shoe in which the sole is not flat but instead is bowed outward or is thicker in one area, which means that the shoe never sits flat on the surface.

Sometimes called toning shoes or rounded sole shoes, rocker bottom shoes are designed to replace standard footwear for those who have a loss in the range of motion.

The bowing effect can be in the middle of the sole, or it can be more pronounced towards the toes or back towards the heel.

There are several types of rocker bottom shoes available, which have been around since the 1990s.

Based on the type of sole they have, these can be categorized as follows:

  • Mid Rocker
  • Double Rocker
  • Forefoot Rocker
  • Toe Only Rocker
  • Ankle Joint Rocker
  • Heel to Toe Rocker
  • Negative Heel Rocker

How Does It Work?

The bowing causes the feet to not sit flat on the surface. This means additional muscles are put to work to provide proper balance when standing, walking, jogging, or running. The effect is two-fold.

Because the feet are not flat, it provides extra flexibility for those with some joint loss of motion.

For example, a rocker bottom shoe provides additional motion to compensate if a person loses flection in their big toe or toes.

The other effect is that balance is affected, so it must be compensated by using additional muscles in the glutes and legs.

The idea is that the shoes activate more muscle groups, so you burn more calories or tone muscles that otherwise would not be addressed with standard flat shoes.

While the data about the muscle toning effects are unclear, many who wear rocker bottom sole shoes have noticed the results.

Are Rocker Bottom Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

The primary benefit of rocker bottom shoes is that they provide additional motion for those who may suffer from some flexibility issues in the foot, toes, or ankles.

Because the range of motion is increased depending on the type of rocker’s bottom used, the result is that a person with flexibility issues in the toes, metatarsals, or ankles gets the added range of motion they need.

And for this reason, different types of rocker bottom shoes are recommended by podiatrists for people suffering from a range of different foot conditions, such as:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ankle Fusion
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Hallux Limitus
  • Ankle Arthritis
  • Midfoot Arthritis

The added benefit of burning more calories or improving muscle tone is less obvious.

While research is split in terms of such benefits, it is true that those who wear rocker bottom shoes are more likely to experience better overall muscle tone when performing exercises that are focused on the legs, such as brisk walking, for example.

However, those with balance issues may want to avoid rocker bottom shoes, depending on the severity of the condition.

Because the feet do not sit flat, it is possible to roll or go further in terms of the range of motion than the body can compensate.

It also means that for those with weak ankles, rocker bottoms may induce more sprains and injuries, although for the most part that is a minor concern.

The 5 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes for Men and Women

Rocker bottom shoes offer those who need additional flexibility along with added tone to the leg muscles an advantage in terms of standing, walking, jogging, or running.

While this type of shoe is not for everyone, it does provide tangible benefits for those who want additional flexibility for their feet.

If you are looking for some great buying options, let’s explore a few of them that are available on Amazon.

1- MBT Men’s Ajabu Oxford

MBT brand presents Masai barefoot technology, which makes them a leading rocker bottom shoe manufacturer.

The innovative design has exceptional features that relieve even the most painful leg positions.

For sturdiness, the MBT Men’s Ajabu Oxford is made of full grain and split leather. 3D mesh lines the interior to keep your legs dry and calm.

The multilayer curved sole provides extra cushioning for a relaxed walking experience.

It features a dual-density midsole made of TPU, glass fiber, and nylon, providing compactness and durability.

The multi-layered sole also offers unique natural instability, which pretends walking on sand, which will tone your muscles and relieve pain.

The rubber outsole is resistant to wear and tear and provides a good grip to keep you steady while walking.

Putting the MBT in Oxford will not only improve your walk but will also improve your posture and reduce stress on your back and joints.

It is a perfect pair for painful joints and other foot conditions and provides ample room for orthotics.

MBT Men’s Ajabu Oxford tops the list for comfort, durability, and stability.

2- Women’s Hoka Bondi Running Shoes

Running never thought was better than with the Hoka Bondi women’s running shoes.

These shoes are given to cushion your feet when you take on rough, sometimes uneven, terrain.

When you cross mountains or forest paths, the outsole gives you a strong grip. It has an EVA midsole, comfort frame, padded tongue, and curved sole for a comfortable walk.

A breathable mesh sitting against the leg allows fresh air to flow through your feet. It has a moderate heel bevel angle for smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The outsole is attached to the midsole to ensure friction and fewer tears.

The EVA material on the midsole provides long-lasting support and cushioning. The shoe interior features an ortholite molded insole for a sophisticated feel, extra rest, and CV support.

These shoes will get you through the toughest sidewalks and difficult concrete surfaces. A midsole built with a low heel-to-toe differential allows your foot to be correctly balanced.

These additional cool features of these shoes are 3D lightweight technology and very lightweight, making them perfect for hiking or climbing.

3- Altra Women’s Olympus Running Shoes

It is difficult to get shoes under a wide toe-boxed rocker bottom.

However, the Altra has built wide-leg boxes in the Altra Women Olympus 2 Trail Running Shoe, which can access wide boxes for everyone, including you.

Altra Women’s Olympus is designed to deal with every area, whether mountains or rivers.

The rubber outsole has a unique design that provides a stable grip on greasy sidewalk surfaces.

In addition to the trail running feature, the Altra Women Olympus comes with a 5mm contour footbed, padded collar, and a 36mm stack height, planned to guarantee comfort.

The EVA midsole is an over-the-top layer for extra comfort and reduces pain. The Vibram Outsole gives you a stable grip on the climbing.

You can use the Olympus 2 for long walks, trails, hiking, trail racing, and fast packing because the lace-up feature will fit your feet.

4- Sketchers Shape Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker

Whether you need rocker bottom shoes for “he” or “she,” sketchers have produced the most gender-sensitive shoes of this generation.

Known for its comfort and support in the shoe world, the Sketchers brand meets expectations.

Sketchers designed this athlete-inspired shoe with a focus on quality and comfort.

The faux leather outer nestles the Ripstop mesh and holes that will keep your feet calm as long as you wear shoes.

Includes lace-front for a close-fitting fitting, contrast heel overlay, padded tongue, and collar to ease your legs.

Rocker bottom soles are designed to reduce the pain in the heel and feet and maintain a natural balance and consistent gait.

Male or female, new users all agree that these shoes are very comfortable!

The Sketchers brand’s cushion insole design, combined with the midsole and polyurethane frame and helps to relieve the foot while walking and standing.

For better durability, the artificial outsole is made of rubber for a seamless finish and tight grip.

These shoes are flexible, easy to wear and comfortable, lightweight, and ideal for those who have arthritis and other minor foot disorders.

Regardless of your gender, these shoes are ideal for you if you want to go hiking or stand for a long time on rough, concrete floors.

5- New Balance Rocker Bottom Shoes (Men’s Suede 928 V3)

The New Balance 928 V3 is the third in a series available for both men and women. Podiatrists often recommend them for those with arthritis challenges.

The microfiber-wrapped EVA footbed works hand-in-hand with the collar to provide excellent ankle support. An excellent option for those with low back pain when walking or running.

It is made of 100% synthetic mesh material, which means it is flexible enough.

On the other hand, a Rubber outsole provides a tight grip on flat and slippery surfaces.

For those considering orthotic ankle braces, the soft lace ensures the tongue and collar fit and grip any kind of contraption the foot is wearing.

With a wide enough toe box, the wearer can remain comfortable walking long distances.

Also, providing proper arch support it’s good to have for jogging or even for running.

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