Can You Use Basketball Shoes for Running or Walking?

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Using the right type of shoe for running or walking is important.

The fact is if you use a specific type of shoe that is not meant for a particular activity, it can often lead to injury and soreness over time.

With that said, if you are going to be running a few miles or you want to take a regular jog or even a casual walk in your basketball shoes, it’s not a good idea.

Sports experts suggest that it would be wise for you to opt for a specific type of shoe that is meant for walking or running (and not your basketball shoes).

In simple terms, choosing the right type of shoe for each activity can give you advantages in performance while ensuring that you can stay safe and healthy throughout the activity by reducing your injury risk.

can you use basketball shoes for running

Basketball Shoes

As basketball is a sport that requires a lot of side-to-side movement as well as extremely quick and versatile cuts.

Having a shoe that comes up with ankle stability allows for faster directional changes.

A basketball shoe is therefore designed specifically to maintain enhanced ankle stability.

The cushioning in basketball shoes is also directed to the mid-foot.

This can keep weight out of the sole, which can cut down on the time it takes to make fast maneuvers.

Most basketball shoes come with their unique features, but they will work to improve the traction and stability over the court.

Having access to a good pair of basketball shoes can keep you moving faster and staying safer.

So do not forget to take your basketball shoes (and not walking shoes) to your professional level court or even on the school yard court.

Running/Walking Shoes

Running shoes are built for forwarding movement.

Many models are designed for maximum stability in the foot.

Most of these shoes are designed to discourage the chance that your foot could flatten out or that the height of your foot arch could change over time.

Additionally, your regular running shoes are lightweight and are designed in such a way that you can move them with minimal effort.

The cushioning in your heel and the forefoot can make sure that you can run in these shoes for a longer period too.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Running?

Basketball shoes may not be the best shoe that you can consider for running on a track or using for some other sports.

You can run on a court using these shoes, but these are not the shoes that are designed for constant forward running or casual walking or jogging.

These shoes provide stability and a shape which is not always designed for constant forward movement.

The outer sole of a basketball shoe is also designed to improve traction on asphalt or a wood floor.

If you choose to run on the grass in these shoes or try them on a regular sidewalk, they can be quite slippery.

The higher ankle position on a basketball shoe could also impact the way that you perform in other sports.

The higher position can lead to sores and blisters from different movements, and they can often lead to the chance that you could interfere with your forward running form.

Basketball shoes are also traditionally built with heavier materials, and if you are using them for performance running, this will slow you down.

These shoes are made to improve stability for side-to-side movement, but they aren’t as flexible as some cross trainers or running shoes.

This can often lead to problems with your walking over time.

Wearing basketball shoes daily could lead to some injury due to your constant foot position and the rigid nature of the shoe.

Problems with Wearing Basketball Shoes Casually

The look of a basketball shoe is often coveted by fans that want to model the look of their shoes after their favorite athletes.

If you like their look, it can be tempting to wear these shoes outside of basketball and off the court.

However, it is good to understand that basketball shoes are formed in such a way to improve ankle stability and with a surface that is designed for flat areas.

If you do any walking outside of asphalt or on grass, these shoes can be slick.

The flat foot position and the way that the ankle portion affects your movements can also change your gait, which could lead to problems with soreness over time.

Even though these can be beautiful shoes to put on for casual wear, it may be best to avoid other heavy activities or long walking in basketball shoes.

Activities for Which You Can Use Your Basketball Shoes

With all the above information in mind, you may be thinking about whether your basketball shoes can be used anywhere outside the court or not?

Worry not; there are some set situations where a basketball shoe can be beneficial for other activities.

While they aren’t often considered a good idea for running, basketball does require running, stopping, jumping, and other movements that are required from a shoe which are often used in other situations.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to wear basketball shoes for activity:

1- If you are overweight

Running in basketball shoes if you are overweight can be helpful for extra ankle stability.

As long as you stick to asphalt, you will have great traction as well.

Running in other shoes can give you a lighter experience but preventing injury and movement can be a great way to cut down on pounds before you switch to a performance shoe.

2- Short distance running:

If you are not going to be running a long way, a basketball shoe could be a great choice.

If you want to improve your movement agility, putting on basketball shoes to train on a track can benefit ankle stability.

3- You want to play a sport on wood gym floors:

If you are playing a sport like indoor handball, dodgeball, and more on indoor surfaces, choosing the option of a basketball shoe can give you the perfect shoe for the environment.

Rather than sliding all over the place, you will finally have the grip and support you need.

In the End,

The above are some of the reasons why basketball shoes could be worth investing in.

Not only does it help you with your sports activity, but you can also use them for other occasional purposes as well.

Before you plan to purchase one, it’s good to learn more about your basketball shoes, learn more about the specific brand and kind of shoes that can fit your lifestyle, and which situations you can wear them in!

This way, you will be investing in a good pair that can benefit you for a long.