How Often Should You CHANGE Your Socks?

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Regardless of the fact that everyone wants cotton, remember it doesn’t absorb moisture like synthetic.

Think about the fact that all your workout apparel is made of synthetic fabric?

It is because they can readily absorb moisture better than cotton. The same goes for your socks.

This is the reason why many athletes go for socks that specialize in absorbing sweat and keeping their feet dry.

With that said, it is also essential that you care to change your socks often.

But the question is: how often?

changing socks

Let’s try to get an answer to this question in the article below.

We will also figure out why many people don’t really care to change their socks and what can be the possible outcomes when the socks are not changed often.

How Often To Change Your Socks?

If you have a fungal infection on your foot, your foot may sweat a lot. 

Changing socks twice daily is therefore suggested for you.

However, just by changing your socks, you cannot prevent Athlete’s Foot because it is a fungal infection.

Hence, you should clean and wash your foot every time you change your socks.

And, wear the ankle socks only when your foot is completely dry. Put on an anti-fungal cream to get rid of it.

But, if you don’t have any fungal infection, then you should change your socks daily to keep your feet free from bacteria and fungus.

This will keep the smell away from your feet.

Why Don’t People Care about Changing Socks?

Knowing the huge amount of jokes being made about the smell of men’s socks, one question which often arises in the mind of people is, “why men, except a few of them, don’t care about their hygiene?”

Or perhaps they just abide by the statement that the odor of a real man needs to just to be slightly better than a chimpanzee.

And the second reason which makes sense is their laziness and many times also due to economic reasons.

Why Do You Need To Change Socks Often?

If men don’t pay much heed to their hygiene, they may end up facing unpleasant consequences. Firstly, they’ll be disgusted by the people around them.

Every woman basically notices three major things in a man:

  • His footwear
  • The smell of his socks
  • Cleanliness of his nails

Also, there are severe inflammatory procedures with fungal infections.

Especially for runners and athletes who do not replace and wash their running socks on time, it can go wrong for their overall health and hence their performance.

What happens if you don’t change your socks?

If you don’t change your socks daily, especially during the summers, there will be a high interring standing.

Just like when you don’t change your underwear daily, it may lead to infection processes. The same is the case with your socks.

If you don’t change your socks daily, especially when you are involved in some physical activity, it will not just lead to an unpleasant smell but cause infection too.

Every man determines the frequency of changing his socks on his own, but remember, you need to keep the health factor in mind.

Ideally, you don’t know when the day will end; sometimes, you have a long day and an equally long night.

Hence, a man should change socks every day and, if needed, twice daily.

How to Wash Smelly Socks for Better Hygiene?

The sock can become pretty smelly when trapped in shoes surrounding your feet.

The sweat from your skin combined with the bacteria and fungus present means that by the end of the day, your socks will probably smell.

The odor is unpleasant and embarrassing, but you do not have to wash your socks every few hours to remove the odor.

In fact, there is a simple solution that is common and inexpensive which will help keep your locks smelling fresh and odor-free.

In less than an hour, you can remove all the unpleasant odors without breaking a sweat.

Step – 1

Place your socks in a gallon of warm water that has two cups of white vinegar added.

Let them soak for about a half-hour.

Step – 2

Afterward, drain the sink and rinse out the socks under the faucet until all the odor from the white vinegar is removed.

The vinegar destroys the bacteria and fungus, which creates an odor.

Just remember to dilute the vinegar in water. Otherwise, your socks will smell like vinegar.

Step – 3

Now, toss your socks in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry.

Or, you can hand wash the socks if you wish if you want to keep them from mixing with the rest of your clothes in the washing machine.

Step – 4

When completed, toss them into the dryer and add a dryer sheet. You can also hang the socks outside and let the sunshine dry them.

Be sure to let them fully dry before wearing them again.

Few Tips

White vinegar is cheap, especially when you purchase large bottles and they can last for a long time.

If you want some additional protection, then baking soda is a good solution as well.

Baking soda eliminates all odors by destroying them at the source. Plus, baking soda is quite cheap as well.

With just using white vinegar and perhaps some baking soda, you can keep your sock smelling fresh.

The Conclusion

What’s worse is that cleaning them in the washer and dryer often does not remove all the odor, which only builds over time.

With all the above information in mind, it’s now important that you know how to get better hygiene by washing your socks regularly.

With the right steps and techniques, you can now wash your socks within a few minutes and help get rid of foot odor.

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