Most Common Wrestling Injuries – Will Ankle Brace Help?

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When do you ask me what is your favorite sport?

Without wasting a second, I would say “Wrestling” is one of them.

But on a second note, I would like to inform you that I like to watch wrestling than play it (pun intended). 

By now, I know that you would have apprehended why I said that.

Yes, it’s because of the wrestling injuries.

And injuring your ankle is one of them, without any doubt.

One of the best ways to protect your ankle when wrestling is by wearing an ankle brace.

However, there are many other injuries that you need to know about and take care of. Here I will be talking more about them…

Common Wrestling Injuries

Most Common Wrestling Injuries

We always know only the bright side of this sport, but beneath it lays the demon, which haunts the wrestlers in the name of injury.

It takes a lot of sacrifices and mental will to sustain in this sport for a long period and to entertain the audience.

Like any other sport, injuries tend to happen in wrestling, too and most of them are not life-threatening.

The below list is not exhaustive, but you can know them at least.

1- Contusions/Bruises

Hard falling and punching lead to different bruises like discoloration or black eye.

2- Sprains

This happens even in our day-to-day life, but only the level of the degree varies. The two types are:

  • Ankle Sprain: The ligament around the ankle joint gets torn due to stretching.
  • Wrist Sprain: The ligament around the wrist gets torn due to heavy falling or punching.

This can be treated by adopting the method of R.I.C.E – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

3- Overtraining Syndrome

When you train beyond your body’s limit to recoup, this is what you get.

4- Muscle soreness and Dehydration

After a heavy workout or a match, wrestlers tend to get soreness in muscles and dehydration.

This can be overcome by drinking plenty of fluids and having good rest.

5- Cauliflower ear

I know this injury would sound weird, but it happens when the outer ear gets bruised repeatedly due to heavy punches. It is also called an auricular hematoma.

6- Concussions

When a takedown happens in wrestling, this is bound to happen, and this requires immediate medical attention.

7- Skin infection

Skin-to-skin contact is more in wrestling, and the chances of spreading infection from one to another are high.

Ringworm, impetigo, and gladiatorum are common among wrestlers.

8- Knee, Arm, and Shoulder Injuries

All these three body parts are put to great use in wrestling and often are susceptible to frequent injuries.

Elbow fracture, shoulder joint dislocation, meniscus tears, rotator cuff strains, and prepatellar bursitis are related to these body parts.

Neck strain and cervical fracture are also common. All these happen due to severe twisting, heavy blows, and punches when athletes lose their cool and attack in rage.

Back pain, Calf muscle pulling, Groin pull, fracture of fingers, collarbone fracture, hamstring tear, etc., are the other wrestling injuries one can get during tenure in the wrestling game.

Safety Tips for Wrestlers to Avoid the Injuries

Are you an ardent fan of wrestling like me?

Then give me a high-five!

Being a fan and knowing the rules of the game is not enough.

If you want to be in a play, protecting yourself is more important.

  • Resort to yoga, cardio, and strength training that helps in good flexibility and mobility.
  • Wash hands and showering well before and after matches or training sessions can contain the spreading of skin infections.
  • Wearing headgears, braces for teeth, and support pads for the elbow, knee, and ankle can aid in sucking up the pressure given by punches and reduce the risk of injury.

Being a spectator, standing in the stadium, and cheering for our favorite wrestler is a different thing. 

We also hear noises or screaming from the crowds together at a time.

“Ooh –ooh –ouch,” etc., whenever one gets badly injured or dealt with a heavy blow or blood flowing out.

You may wonder, then, why should one take up this sport which gives so much threat and discomfort at any stage of life.

I have got an answer for you that pretty much sums up your question “It’s all worth the pain.”

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