3 Best Shoe Balancer to Wear with Walking Boot [Evenup Foot]

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An ankle brace and an orthopedic walking boot for giving your legs complete rest and support are most recommended when you get your foot injured or after a recent hip or ankle replacement surgery.

These are essential for you so that you continue to stand straight and complete your important daily activities without any hassle.

However, for many, walking with an orthopedic walking boot or wound care shoe can end up getting leg length differences which can cause back hip, or knee pain due to uneven gait.

This can be in general due to a walking boot (or a walking cast), or due to the bandage that has been wrapped and extended to the feet section.

Having a device like shoe lifts for uneven legs can help you in leveling/balancing your opposite foot or leg so that you can walk straight without facing any problems.

ProCare Evenup Shoe Balancer can be your perfect partner when it comes to balancing and leveling your uneven legs, like when wearing a walking boot.

But before we proceed to know more about the device, let’s talk about the uneven legs (or leg length discrepancy) problem in brief.

Why You Need An Evenup Shoe Balancer?

A certain degree of Leg length discrepancy is common in many. However, when the differences in the limb are greater, it may affect your lifestyle.

Leg length discrepancy (also known as anisomelia) can be permanent or temporary, and there can be many causes of it.

The permanent problem can be seen when children are born with arms or legs of unequal lengths.

In congenital cases, the differences may seem to be small and increase with age in these children.

Based on the uneven leg length symptoms and possible causes, a doctor can recommend the best treatment options for these types of problems.

The temporary problem can be seen when a person suffers from an illness or traumatic injury to their leg.

The difference in leg length is usually seen when a patient needs to rely on a support brace or a walking boot (with bandage) for curing their injury, illness, or an operation like hip replacement surgery.

A few other indications/problems for which an evenup shoe leveling device can be recommended include:

  • severe sprains
  • Lapidus operation
  • calcaneal fractures
  • ankle joint fractures
  • metatarsal fractures
  • hammer and claw toes
  • Achilles tendon ruptures

3 Best Shoe You Can Wear with Walking Boot

As discussed above, if you have undergone foot surgery and have a walking cast, your injured foot may be higher than the other leg.

With that being said, we discuss here a few options that you can compare and choose to wear with your Aircast.

1- ProCare Evenup Shoe Balancer

Procare Evenup Shoe Balancer comes with an innovative design that can easily match your height and needs while you are healing from a leg injury or surgery.

The ProCare Evenup shoe lift orthotic is one of the best shoes to wear with a walking boot that replaces all the traditional methods of shoe leveling options, which may not work so great.

You just need to buckle it up to the opposite leg to eliminate temporary inequality or discrepancy in leg length.

The adjustable option in this ProCare Evenup shoe balancer will give you an option to conveniently balance your shoe level to two different heights.

You can either use two layers so as to add up a height level at ¾” or a single layer that will add up to ½” to your existing levels.

Additionally, there is a rubber strap that is attached to the evenup shoe leveler that will help you adjust the balancer according to your convenience.

Shoe balancer for walking boot also contains a soft inner layer for providing soft cushion-like support and additional comfort to your leg while walking.

Yet another added advantage of using ProCare evenup shoe lift is its universal property. As it can easily fit into the left or right leg equally, you can buy and use it for yourself or for anyone else in your family.

Using an evenup shoe balancer thus helps in reducing any kind of strain on your body by providing the right posture and alignment to your body while walking.

2- BootBud Shoe Lift for Leg Balancing

BootBud Shoe Lift is an amazing shoe leveler that comes with a universal shoe design, which means it can be used to fit on both legs (either left or right) without any trouble.

By lifting up your shoe it helps in relieving problems like hip pain and back pain. Also, it allows you to walk without any hurdles while healing your foot injury faster.

Not only for an injured foot, but a BootBud Shoe Lift is also sometimes recommended for those who are born with one shorter leg.

This shoe balancer for walking boots is very easy to use, and it includes free removable inserts that you can use for adjusting the height you are comfortable with.

Furthermore, there are adjustable Velcro straps provided with the product that can be tied along with the heels and toes. This helps in securing your shoe in place without getting it to slip off any side when walking.

Overall, the Bootbud shoe lift is designed with the ultimate comfort of the users in mind. You can use it to get a custom fit so that you can walk freely and comfortably for the whole day.

3- Ergoactives Level-Up Shoe Balancer

Ergoactives Level-Up Shoe Balancer is last in our list of best shoes to wear with a walking boot.

This easy to use Ergoactives Level-Up shoe balancer is best suited for leveling your leg and to provide easy walking with a faster healing/treatment phase.

This high-quality product is developed by keeping all the standards of production making it efficient enough for repeated usage.

Equally useful for men and women you can use it with all the different types of walking boots.

It comes with a special anti-slip feature (high durable) that helps in preventing slipping, which means this is a shoe balancer that allows you to walk in a safe mode.

Also, this easy to use and wash (hand-washing or machine-washing) shoe leveler features adjustable Velcro straps that can be adjusted according to the size of the shoe.

Due to the durability and top quality, you can use this shoe balancer for your lifetime or can give it to somebody as a gift who is in need in the future.

The only disadvantage of this shoe balancer is its extra weight – due to which it may sometimes be hard to carry, especially for people who want to wear it for a whole day long.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying A Shoe Balancer

Although an Eveup shoe balancer can be of great help, it can cause extra trouble if you happen to choose the wrong size for your foot.

It is therefore important that you take time to do the exact measurement before you buy them online. Believe me, it’s a crucial step for you, or else your stability will be compromised.

Usually, a shoe balancer you need to wear along with your walking cast/boot comes in three sizes. These are Small, Medium, and Large.

  • Small = A sole measurement between 10 inches and 11 1/4 inches
  • Medium = A sole measurement between 11 ½ inches and 12 ¾ inches
  • Large = A sole measurement between 13 inches and 14 ½ inches

Note: For most consumers, Evenup shoe balancer does not correspond perfectly to the shoe size. Hence the measurement of the shoe sole is used for determining the size of the Evenup you need.

Just in case if your size falls in between the predetermined sizes, it is good to choose the larger size.

This will make sure that your shoe fits well within the shoe balancer. You can then use the included Velcro straps for adjusting the comfort level.

Besides choosing the right size you should be cautious enough when you wear the Evenups on an uneven, wet, or slippery surface.

Also, make sure that you do not wear them while you are driving any vehicle.

Finally, walking with uneven legs not only proves to be dangerous but also may seem to be a nightmare.

Moreover, with a longer leg, you may feel discomfort all the time, and it may take extra weeks to heal your operated leg/ankle as it exerts extra pressure on your healthier leg.

For all these reasons, you may need to get a shoe leveler that can help raise your shorter leg (healthier leg).

From the above options, choose your size and pick the right one for your foot and help to heal your leg comfortably.

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