Why You Should Not Use Badminton Shoes for Volleyball?

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Truly speaking, changing the accessories in the sports and using those in place of one another will reduce the comfort and the performance of the sportsmen.

Despite this truth, in certain sports activities, the accessories are interchanged and sometimes even result in accidents or injuries. This is very common when it comes to sports shoes.

Many sportsmen often think that they can wear volleyball shoes for a badminton game, and there is nothing wrong with it.

The idea may look quite good from the normal point of view. But practically, it’s not a good and safe idea.

badminton shoes for volleyball

An undeniable fact is that each athletic shoe is designed with specific functionality for a particular sport and should not be used for the other.

Badminton shoes, for example, should not be used for volleyball (or any other sports) as its specifically designed for playing badminton on the court.

The functionality of each shoe varies with the degree of pressure the games put on the player’s foot, ankles, etc.

These shoes are also designed according to the frequency of usage; for example, if it’s used twice a week, or for a runner, it’s every day.

Similarly, certain features of the volleyball and badminton shoes also differ from each other, and this is the reason why you should not use your badminton shoes for the volleyball game.

In short, sports shoes that are manufactured especially for badminton should not be used for other sports, and the same will be applicable for volleyball and other sports activities.

Using the appropriate shoes that are meant for a specific sport will improve the stability, flexibility, and range of movement of the user.

It also helps to avoid unnecessary injuries during the movements, which are important for a player to enhance their performance.

Badminton Shoes Vs. Volleyball Shoes: Difference

The soles of both are cushiony; the difference lies in their thickness of them. Volleyball shoes require a thick cushion when compared to badminton ball shoes.

Volleyball shoes with thick cushions support the side movement and protect the player from falling.

A thin cushion in the badminton sole provides a lower centre of gravity and provides stability. This also prevents the creation of marks in the court.

The badminton players are not allowed inside the court without the perfect shoes.

Similar way, the padding is more in the volleyball shoes which absorbs the shock while jumping, which is more intense than in badminton. 

The weight of a badminton shoe is much lesser than a volleyball shoe which allows the fast movement of the player. 

Volleyball shoes have lateral support, which is absent in the badminton ball, this difference improves the ankle strength in the badminton player and prevents ankle injury in the volleyball player

Why Should You Not Interchange Your Sports Shoes?

Now let us look at why we should never interchange badminton and volleyball shoes.

The soles, as said above, of the badminton shoe is made of thin rubber. This not only supports the player but also keeps the surface of the court scratch-free.

When volleyball shoes are used for badminton, it creates scratches on the court floor.

On the other side, playing volleyball with badminton shoes, which have a light sole, can also lead to the early wear-tear of the shoes and may even cause injury to the legs of the player.

Volleyball players also require low ankle support more than a badminton player due to the strength of the jumps which are made in volleyball.

In such a case, using a badminton shoe will lead to an ankle injury which will disable the player from participation.

Even though both shoes demand lightweight, badminton shoes are commonly lighter.

But for a volleyball, precisely there are differences in the weight of the shoes, for both males and females.

It requires much more precision than a badminton shoe.

Padding, which is more in the volleyball shoe, is another important factor which is why one should not interchange them.

This padding allows proper sock absorbing and prevents injury to the joints of the players.

We see the specific worth of each shoe and its uniqueness which makes it stand in its place.

These must never be interchanged and selected with great care so that the player can comfortably concentrate on the game and focus on winning.

What to Look for When Buying Sports Shoes Online?

Among the various racquet games in the world, badminton is the fastest game. It requires lots of energy and rapid movements from the body.

Although it seems to be simple with only two or four players, it is also a high-intensity game.

No matter whether the player is a back-court stabilizer or a forcible player at the net, choosing the right shoes and they’re built is most important.

The shoes you choose for badminton should provide better fit and comfort. It should be weightless so that the player can move freely and faster.

The sole of the shoe should also give better support and stability to the player. It should provide effective traction force and, at the same time, antiskid in its nature.

The badminton shoes also should give adequate protection to the player during sudden impactful movements like jumping and smashing.

As such, there are several brands available in the online and offline market for purchasing the best badminton shoes.

Each one of them has certain unique features. But in general, a badminton shoe should have the following properties:

  • Light in weight
  • Should have a snug-fit
  • Optimal traction at the base
  • Good cushion sole, with a large pivot point
  • The shoe should provide good ventilation inside
  • Non-marking in nature to avoid skidding and also to avoid the scratches on the floor of the court
  • Generally, the PU upper material is best when compared with normal fabric, PVC, or Flyknit materials. 

Overall. every sport needs an appropriate accessory. And interchanging the accessories, like your badminton shoes, is not at all a good idea.  

As a player, you should understand the importance of the playing surface in any game.

And based on your sport, you should always insist on choosing the right type of shoe that is built for a specific sport.

This will not only keep your feet secure but also improve your performance in the sport.

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